Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Real History.....What If Japan And Germany Had Won?


I know that many reading the title of this post will call me all types of names by simply proposing such a blasphemous question, but I believe it is a question worth asking and writing about. I can imagine walking into the local VFW and reading this blog or walking into a bookstore where some "historian" is discussing his new "Pearl Harbor" book with 80 year-old WW2 vets and then hearing my "satanic verses"!

Japan lost WW2 before it even officially started. When they (Japan) attacked Pearl Harbor they (Japan) attacked a U.S. Navy base that had no aircraft carriers in port. That's right! Every aircraft carrier was out floating around doing nothing. For those of you that do not understand the importance of an aircraft carrier have obviously never been on one or have no understanding of warfare. To be rather blunt about it an aircraft carrier is a floating death machine. It carries about 5,000 personnel and about 100 aircraft. It is an awesome war machine. It would have been impossible to win WW2 without several aircraft carriers ( http://www.ieee-virtual-museum.org/collection/tech.php?id=2345924&lid=1). Japan bombed a lot of ships, but no carriers. When the Japanese airplanes returned to the decks of their aircraft carriers after bombing Pearl Harbor they jumped for joy at their "victory". But, it was not a victory. Yamamoto (Commander of Japanese Naval Forces) said, "We have awakened a "sleeping giant". Why did Japan attack America in the first place? The answer is simple. Japan was in a bitter war with China and America decided to stop selling Japan raw materials, mainly steel. Without steel Japan could not make war machines to continue it's war with China. Basically, the American government provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.

Why did the American government decide all of a sudden to stop selling raw materials to Japan? Because Zionists bankers wanted war with Germany and knew that if Germany's ally Japan attacked America we would be forced to retaliate. Why did Jewish bankers want war with Germany? The reason is simple. When Hitler was democratically elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 he started to fire Jews from government and civil service jobs. He did this because there was 20 times more Jews in these jobs than before WW1. Jews used the defeat of Germany in WW1 to enslave their German hosts and gain power over them by taking government jobs. And since Jews ran the banks they were able to seize the farms from German peasants when these peasants were unable to pay their bills to the Jewish money lenders. They could not pay off their loans because they had no jobs. Germany was gutted after the "Great War". Germany did not start WW1, but was largely blamed for it and punished severly with the "Treaty of Versailles". Read all of the horrible details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Versailles

The rest is history as the old saying goes. Japan and Germany went down in flames (literally) and the world was "saved" from those nasty Japanese and Germans. With the defeat of these 2 great countries came the defeat of Nationalism (atleast for Whites) and the rise of liberalism (atleast in White countries). When the world found out Hitler was using eugenics to create a "master" race (hasn't the human race been using eugenics naturally for hundreds of thousands of years) White Americans were, for some strange reason, shocked and appalled. I guess the idea of good-looking, intelligent and strong men breeding with good-looking, intelligent and strong women is too much for White Americans to handle. "Cultural Marxists" (mostly Jews and some Whites) used the events of WW2 ( eugenics and Germany's alleged "survival of the fittest" mentality) to take hold of America's "moral compass" and steered our country straight into the "Bermuda Triangle". "Cultural Marxists" took advantage of American's good nature and created terms like "exclusion" and "tolerance" to slowly brainwash Whites with the idea of "White Guilt". First our schools were de-segregated (what a great success that's been!). Then Congress passed the "Civil Rights Act" in 1964 ( making it a criminal offense for Whites to protect the racial integrity of their communities and work places). Then the most devastating piece of legislation in the history of the United States, the "Immigration Reform Act" in 1965.

The "Immigration Reform Act" dismissed previously held ideas that the best immigrants were people from Europe and opened the door for all types of races, cultures and religions to immigrate to America. This single piece of legislation is the reason why we have "China Town", "Korea Town", "Little Saigon" and "Cambodia Town". This single piece of legislation is why Miami was 90% Hispanic by 1990. In 1960 it was 90% White. This single piece of legislation is why Los Angeles, El Paso, Phoenix, Houston and countless other cities in the Southwest look like Tijuana. This single piece of legislation is the reason Whites are only 65% of the total U.S. population when we used to be 90%. This single piece of legislation is one of the major factors in the death of our Nation and People. When will we awake? When we are 50% of America? When we are 40% or 30%? Maybe when we are being marched to reservations or concentration camps White Americans will realize what has been going on to us since the 1950's. Think about the fate of our People in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) or South Africa. Don't think it can happen? It can happen. And it can happen to you!

So we've come full circle. What if Japan and German had won WW2? Would we be living in a country that covers up brutal black-on-White hate crimes? Would we be living in country that tolerates affirmative action and raced-based quota's? Would we be living in a country that allows 20 million illegal immigrants from a country with a historical grudge against us (Mexico) to enter our country? You tell me. Leave a comment in the comments section. Until next time, remember that you CAN make a difference.

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