Friday, February 29, 2008

Update on Palo Verde High School Shooting

Information released yesterday in a Las Vegas courtroom revealed that one of the killers of Christopher Privett has been arrested before on gun charges and the morning of the murder of Privett, Ezekiel Williams had fired shots at a group of people outside of the Hotel/Casino Texas Station. Court documents reveal that Williams was arrested 6 months ago by the North Las Vegas Police Department for possesion of a gun. Here is a link to the story: ( Why are criminal gang-bangers allowed back on the street after being arrested on gun charges? Maybe if the system worked Christopher Privett would still be alive. This is another example of America's failed justice system. I have talked to Las Vegas District Attorney David Rogers and he was not very accepting of my opinion that race was a factor in this horrific murder of a freshman high school student. I have left several messages for Las Vegas Homicide, but they have yet to return my calls. When I actually get to talk to someone in the police department or D.A's office their attitude is hostile and confrontational. A typical question I get is "why do you care"? My answer is this: I am a memeber of the community and I am concerned with crime in my city. No matter what city you live in remember that your community does not belong to the police, D.A, politicians or criminal-thug gang-bangers. It belongs to you, the honest hard-working tax paying citizen and it is up to you to ensure that "they" know that.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letter To The Editor Of The Las Vegas Review Journal

The recent murder of a Palo Verde High School student, Christopher Privett, by Gerald Davison and Ezekiel Williams has me wondering why the police, D.A. or media has not classified this crime as a "hate crime". Wiiliams and Davison are both black and traveled to a predominately white neighborhood and shot at and killed Privett who is white. Words were not exchanged between the perpetrators and victim and they did not even know each other. This was a premeditated crime that resulted in the death of a young man. So why did Williams and Davison kill Christopher Privett? I wonder what the reaction of the police, D.A. and media would be if the races were reversed in this case? America's secular religion is "political-correctness" and the gospel of this religion does not allow for race to be a factor when the perpetrators of a crime are black and the victims white.

Las Vegas

Friday, February 22, 2008

No "Don Imus" Treatment For Bernard Hopkins

Black middlewieght/light heavyweight (160 lbs./175 lbs) boxing champion Bernard Hopkins has recently said that he would "never lose to a White boy" in regards to his April fight in Las Vegas at 175 lbs against super-middleweight (168 lbs.) champion Joe Calzaghe. Calzaghe was born in Wales to an Italian father and Welsh mother ( and is the un-disputed 168 pound champion of the world. This is definitely a super-fight between two of the best fighters in boxing today. Of course the racist comment from Bernard Hopkins was dismissed as "hype" by the main-stream media, but Hopkins himself has said that he means what he says and that it is not hype. It's funny that the guilt-ridden White media will defend blacks even when they don't want to be defended for their racist comments. Would the same media that defends racist blacks from their comments protect Don Imus, Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, Al Campanis or John Rocker?

For years black athletes have proclaimed that they would rather play for black coaches than White coaches. Yet the media continues to portray these black athletes as "saints" and any White athlete that criticizes non-whites as racist. I don't blame blacks for saying that they would rather play for black coaches. They are simple showing pride for their race. What I despise is the fact that a White man can't be proud of himself in today's world without being "run out of Dodge." This double-standard was created by White liberals, so I guess they are the real enemies that need to be defeated.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LAS VEGAS HATE CRIME and A New Muslim Nation!

Last week there was a disturbing "Hate Crime" here in Las Vegas. Black teenage gangsters traveled to Summerlin, a White upscale part of town in Las Vegas, and shot at a group of White kids walking home from school (Palo Verde High School). A White freshman by the name of Christopher Privett was killed. Click here for a story about the shooting: . This story proves a point. For decades Whites have traveled to the upscale suburbs to escape minority violence. The word "White flight" was created to explain this phenomenon. But, there is no where left to run. Whites need to start fighting because your kid could be the next Christopher Privett.

America has hit an all-time low. Bush has recognized the "nation" of Kosovo along with the European Union. Kosovo is a province within Serbia that belongs to the Serbs. Kosovo is of historical and cultural importance to the White and Christian Serbs. The Eastern Orthodox Serbs have been attacked by America for years now. From the 78 day bombing campaign against Belgrade during the Bill Clinton years to this recent montrosity of race betrayal. Here is a link to what happens when America decides to screw with Serbia:

Kosovo is now controlled by Albanian Muslims. Islamic terrorists now have a new base of operations in Europe. It was after all the Kosovors that introduced Al-Queda into Europe during the war that broke Yugoslavia up into about 6 different countries.
The link provided above goes to a story that says America was funding al-qaeda as well as the Kosovors in the Balkans. Is there any reason why we should not believe that?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Haole Supports Hawaiian Secession

On Feb. 19th, 2007 a vicious hate crime occured in Hawaii near Pearl Harbor. An Iraqi war vet and his wife were beaten unconscious by 2 native Hawaiians. The two savages were a 44 year-old man and his 16 year-old son. The 44 year-old man picked up and slammed the 23 year-old White woman and the 16 year-old boy kicked the Iraqi war vet as he lay convulsing on the ground. The link provided here gives more details:

The savagery of this attack gives us a deep perspective of race relations in Hawaii. Recently, 85 year-old Senator Daniel Akaka introduced a bill that would grant native Hawaiians special recognition, like the recognition that is provided to "American" Indians. The bill passed the House and only a filibuster stopped a Senate vote. The "Akaka" Bill would give the 246,000 native Hawaiians, 20% of Hawaii, a "priveliged" status in Hawaii. Most native Hawaiians support the bill, but believe it does not go far enough. In the link provided above a Hawaiian professor is
quoted as saying he hates the United States of America and supports secession from America.

Hawaii is a state that relies on White tourists to support it's economy. The resort owners and Island government does not want Whites or haoles (pronounced how-lee, which is Hawaiian for White person) to know the truth about this fantasy "multi-cultural paradise". On doing my research for this article I was surprised to see that the population of Hawaii is just 1.3 million. 20% are Hawaiian (racially Hawaiian) 24% are White and the rest are mostly mixed-ethnicity Asians. Senator Akaka is of Chinese and Hawaiian ancestry. The Whites say that they face discrimination on a daily basis and one Army Private said she was "surprised" at the discrimination that Whites face and "did'nt understand why" it existed. Well, let's go back in time and see why this level of hatred for Whites exists in Hawaii.

In 1887 an American businessman by the name of Walter Gibson, some European businessman, and some native Hawaiians forced King Kalakaua to sign the "Bayonet Constitution". I guess this means they went in with swords drawn and forced the king to submit his powers. In 1893 the sister of King Kalakaua, Queen Liliuokalani, announced a plan to establish a new constitution to replace the "Bayonet Constitution". Evil haoles did'nt like that idea. In fact the situation was such a ticking time bomb that Grover Cleveland (he was the President at the time) sent in the Marines to maintain the peace. According to "Wikipedia" the presence of the Marines prevented the Hawaiian monarchy from standing up to the haole businessmen. Whether or not the Marines acted with "neutrality" as they were ordered to do is open to speculation. Obviously though, Hawaiians are going to take the view that the haole businessmen with the help of the U.S. Marines forced the Queen from the throne and annexed Hawaii. The "Blount Report" and "Morgan Report" (according to Wikipedia) claim that the "overthrow" of the Queen was illegal. Supposedly, President Cleveland ordered the re-instatement of the Queen, but the Provisional Government of Hawaii said no. Whatever really happened native Hawaiians believe that White men came in and overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy because they wanted control of the sugar industry. Even "Wikipedia" admits that many native Hawaiians helped the White businessmen "overthrow" the Hawaiian monarchy. In fact, "The Bayonet" Treaty denied voting right's to Asians and allowed only Whites and native Hawaiians to vote in elections. The reader is free to come up with their own conclusions as to what happened in Hawaii. It's not really the point of my blog, but I don't believe that White men acted on their own. I believe most native Hawaiians supported them and that is how they overthrew the Queen.

The point of my blog is this. I support Hawaiian independence. I believe that secession is the only way White-Christians are going to get our culture back in America. I would be a hypocrite if I said Whites should have our own land and Hawaiians were not entitled to their own land. I'm sure the Hawaiians in Las Vegas would agree with me. Las Vegas has a huge Hawaiian population (Las Vegas is called the 9th Island) because south-east Asians are moving to Hawaii and under-cutting the wage of the natives. Las Vegas has enough immigrants so I support just about anything that will send them back to their native lands (I know Hawaiians are legal American citizens, but culturally they are immigrants). Besides, if Hawaii never became a state we would not be worried about the presidency of a militant black Muslim by the name of Barack Obama. Democrat and presedential front-runner Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) was born in Hawaii.

Maybe Barack Obama is our punishment from God for "seizing" Hawaii. Maybe God is punishing us, but we can possibly redeem ourselves if the American government brings the troops back home to America where they belong. We don't need military bases in Hawaii. While I'm on the subject, we don't need bases in Europe or Asia either. Most of these troops are White and they should be home with their people not risking their lives on foreign soil for Zionist interests. Instead of bringing our troops home we are expanding NATO in the government's hopes of a war with Russia and Iran . My message to the "American-Zionist War Machine" in Washington: There ain't no patriots no more, who's gonna fight in your 3rd World War?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Political Cesspool and Hal Turner

The show "Political Cesspool" is ending at the end of the week. Hal Turner has said that at the end of the month his show will end as well. Why are these shows suddenly ending? My belief is James Edwards and Hal Turner have been told that if they do not end their shows they will end up in Guantanamo Bay being tortured by the very people they want to protect. Conspiracy theory? I think not. The American government knows that these shows are changing people's minds. The first amendment is being trampled on......... I thank Hal Turner and James Edwards for changing my life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ASSAULT!....... On Working Class (White) Americans!

The other day I overheard a conversation between 3 guys, all contractors, about the construction industry. 2 were from Virginia and the 3rd guy was from New York City. All 3 were White men ( bad examples of White men) and were the arrogant/cocky I can "drink more than you can type". The guy from New York was talking about how he hated New York City because of the union workers. Here's a quote from this arrogant man, "These guys are making 80,000 thousand a year and they don't even have college degrees". To quote Lou Dobbs, "Where does it say in the Constitution that one has to have a college degree to earn a livable wage"? The other 2 replied that they had "Mexicans" doing their work for "real" cheap. So let me get this straight; fire your own race and exploit another and one can get big and rich in America. The saying, "The Land of oppurtunity" just got a revision, John McCain style! It was difficult for me to listen to these men. I wanted to defend blue-collar Americans like myself, but I kept my mouth shut. Was I weak? Maybe so. I should have defended the White working-class American.

The war against the working class started shortly after WW2. The war started with the auto industry. German and Japanese car makers started "dumping" their cars in America because the American government decided not impose tariffs on them. American citizens started buying these cheap cars because they were getting more for their money. You see Japan and Germany do not pay their workers the level of wage that Americans did at the time. They also did not give them the type of benefits and pensions that American companies gave their workers at the time. On top of this Japan and Germany, even to this day, do not have the same environmental laws and over-time laws that exist in America. Gullible White Americans (who for the most part only think with their wallet and not race) bought up these cars and put their fellow Americans on the welfare line. These are the same people that claim to be Christians, but NOT taking care of one's neighbor is not very Christian to me. "Treat others like you wanted to be treated," the old saying goes. Has America listened? Would you like to be fired from your job because your own government would not protect you from a country you risked your life to defeat just a decade earlier? Probably not and the result of this sell-out of the American middle-class can be seen in cities like Detroit and Flint, Michigan. These cities used to be home to White-Christian middle-class families, but these cities are now the 1st and 3rd most unlivable cities in America. White flight will do that. But can we blame Whites for leaving? They had to find new jobs.

Today's America has a lot of problems. The economy is just one of these problems. More and more Whites are working "service" industry jobs that do not pay a lot and have horrible benefits. Is it any wonder that the prison population in this country continues to grow? If I worked in the government I would be very nervous. The prison population will continue to grow, especially among White males. As we are further denied rights and jobs more and more White men will lash out violently against our oppressors. We have been taught since we were little boys that our ancestors were horrible slave-holding racist bigots. We have been taught that we are naturally racist and evil. When we will give in and accept these lies? Will America be better off with a new class of criminals? Build more prisons America, your gonna need 'um!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Real History.....What If Japan And Germany Had Won?


I know that many reading the title of this post will call me all types of names by simply proposing such a blasphemous question, but I believe it is a question worth asking and writing about. I can imagine walking into the local VFW and reading this blog or walking into a bookstore where some "historian" is discussing his new "Pearl Harbor" book with 80 year-old WW2 vets and then hearing my "satanic verses"!

Japan lost WW2 before it even officially started. When they (Japan) attacked Pearl Harbor they (Japan) attacked a U.S. Navy base that had no aircraft carriers in port. That's right! Every aircraft carrier was out floating around doing nothing. For those of you that do not understand the importance of an aircraft carrier have obviously never been on one or have no understanding of warfare. To be rather blunt about it an aircraft carrier is a floating death machine. It carries about 5,000 personnel and about 100 aircraft. It is an awesome war machine. It would have been impossible to win WW2 without several aircraft carriers ( Japan bombed a lot of ships, but no carriers. When the Japanese airplanes returned to the decks of their aircraft carriers after bombing Pearl Harbor they jumped for joy at their "victory". But, it was not a victory. Yamamoto (Commander of Japanese Naval Forces) said, "We have awakened a "sleeping giant". Why did Japan attack America in the first place? The answer is simple. Japan was in a bitter war with China and America decided to stop selling Japan raw materials, mainly steel. Without steel Japan could not make war machines to continue it's war with China. Basically, the American government provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.

Why did the American government decide all of a sudden to stop selling raw materials to Japan? Because Zionists bankers wanted war with Germany and knew that if Germany's ally Japan attacked America we would be forced to retaliate. Why did Jewish bankers want war with Germany? The reason is simple. When Hitler was democratically elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 he started to fire Jews from government and civil service jobs. He did this because there was 20 times more Jews in these jobs than before WW1. Jews used the defeat of Germany in WW1 to enslave their German hosts and gain power over them by taking government jobs. And since Jews ran the banks they were able to seize the farms from German peasants when these peasants were unable to pay their bills to the Jewish money lenders. They could not pay off their loans because they had no jobs. Germany was gutted after the "Great War". Germany did not start WW1, but was largely blamed for it and punished severly with the "Treaty of Versailles". Read all of the horrible details here:

The rest is history as the old saying goes. Japan and Germany went down in flames (literally) and the world was "saved" from those nasty Japanese and Germans. With the defeat of these 2 great countries came the defeat of Nationalism (atleast for Whites) and the rise of liberalism (atleast in White countries). When the world found out Hitler was using eugenics to create a "master" race (hasn't the human race been using eugenics naturally for hundreds of thousands of years) White Americans were, for some strange reason, shocked and appalled. I guess the idea of good-looking, intelligent and strong men breeding with good-looking, intelligent and strong women is too much for White Americans to handle. "Cultural Marxists" (mostly Jews and some Whites) used the events of WW2 ( eugenics and Germany's alleged "survival of the fittest" mentality) to take hold of America's "moral compass" and steered our country straight into the "Bermuda Triangle". "Cultural Marxists" took advantage of American's good nature and created terms like "exclusion" and "tolerance" to slowly brainwash Whites with the idea of "White Guilt". First our schools were de-segregated (what a great success that's been!). Then Congress passed the "Civil Rights Act" in 1964 ( making it a criminal offense for Whites to protect the racial integrity of their communities and work places). Then the most devastating piece of legislation in the history of the United States, the "Immigration Reform Act" in 1965.

The "Immigration Reform Act" dismissed previously held ideas that the best immigrants were people from Europe and opened the door for all types of races, cultures and religions to immigrate to America. This single piece of legislation is the reason why we have "China Town", "Korea Town", "Little Saigon" and "Cambodia Town". This single piece of legislation is why Miami was 90% Hispanic by 1990. In 1960 it was 90% White. This single piece of legislation is why Los Angeles, El Paso, Phoenix, Houston and countless other cities in the Southwest look like Tijuana. This single piece of legislation is the reason Whites are only 65% of the total U.S. population when we used to be 90%. This single piece of legislation is one of the major factors in the death of our Nation and People. When will we awake? When we are 50% of America? When we are 40% or 30%? Maybe when we are being marched to reservations or concentration camps White Americans will realize what has been going on to us since the 1950's. Think about the fate of our People in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) or South Africa. Don't think it can happen? It can happen. And it can happen to you!

So we've come full circle. What if Japan and German had won WW2? Would we be living in a country that covers up brutal black-on-White hate crimes? Would we be living in country that tolerates affirmative action and raced-based quota's? Would we be living in a country that allows 20 million illegal immigrants from a country with a historical grudge against us (Mexico) to enter our country? You tell me. Leave a comment in the comments section. Until next time, remember that you CAN make a difference.