Thursday, December 27, 2007

Put 'um Down!....Observations from Las Vegas

Driving up and down the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.) one becomes aware of a disgusting trend especially late at night/early morning. The trend is White women being harassed by men, especially by black men. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department needs to be made aware of our concern. There phone number is (702)828-3394 and (702)828-3111.

I also notice many young White prostitutes on the Strip. It is disgusting that White women are selling themselves for sex. Maybe if there were more well paying jobs for White Americans we would not see so many White females degrading themselves. Of course, some are just lazy and having sex for money is a quick and easy way to make a living. But I think that many are good girls that have been brainwashed into believing that they are only good for sex objects. Look at the White women you see on TV today. They are not role models, but sluts. That simple! Brittany Spears and Anna Nicole Smith come to mind. That fact that so many young White females idolize these women is a testament to the fact that liberalism and feminism is a failure. One girl I talked to said that she was recently divorced and needed to make some quick money because the bills were piling up. Why would a man not treat this woman with love and respect, but divorce her? In my opinion we are all partially to blame for the problem of prostitution because we allow our daughters and sisters to watch the garbage on TV and don't educate them to be proud of their ancestors and their culture. I also blame the United States government because they have outsourced so many of our jobs that many White Americans are doing corrupt things to make a living. Just another reason to "Put 'um down" by any means necessary!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Misc. Ramblings on Sports, Politics and Las Vegas

Even though Ricky Hatton was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather he proved that he was a warrior. Most fighters run from Mayweather, Ricky didn't. Hatton should drop back down to 140 sometime in 2008 and reclaim a title.

The "experts" said that Brett Favre should retire and all he's done is come out this year and lead the Packers to a 11-2 record, a division championship and a first-round bye in the playoffs. If the Cowboys should lose one more game and the Packers win out they would hold home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. As usual the "experts" are wrong.

Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the Republican presidential race and has endorsed Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney!? Tancredo is being credited with making illegal immigration an issue in the presidential debates, but in regards to foreign policy and tax issues he towed the party line. Maybe he is hoping that Romney will make him his VP although that seems unlikely seeing that Romney secretly supports amnesty. Personally, I support Ron Paul. Paul has been criticized for not being tough enough on illegal immigration even though he is against birth-right citizenship. I will continue to support Paul and if he does not win the Republican nomination than I will simply not vote in 2008.

Recently I received word that there was a Jena-6 style beat-down of a White student by six black students here in Las Vegas at Escobedo Middle School. I called and talked to Principal Powers and she informed me that my information was wrong and that a Hispanic boy was beat up by a black boy. I was not satisfied with our conversation so I called the Clark County School District Police Department and talked to their Public Affairs Officer Lt. Yung. I left several messages for him and finally after 2 weeks he called me back and left a message. He said that they had no such information and to call the school as they might have handled it internally. Isn't that the job of the Police to call the school and see if these accusations are true? Isn't it the job of the school to report incidents like these to the proper authorities? I guess the safety of our children is not a priority of the Police anymore, maybe they are too busy giving motorists speeding tickets instead of protecting the community? These accusations might be false, but why would someone makes this stuff up and tell me about it? It's not uncommon for violence to happen at Clark County schools. Just last week there was a shooting at a bus stop that had racial overtones when a gang of blacks shot at a gang of Hispanics. I guess blacks and Latinos have brought there L.A. race-war to Las Vegas. This is not the first time an incident like this has happened at a bus stop here in Las Vegas.

Several months back there was a White student that was beat up by a black student for no reason other than to videotape the assault and put it on youtube. The crime was committed right in the classroom after the teacher had walked out. Why did the teacher walk out and leave the class unattended? If I were the parents of the boy I would sue the teacher and the school district. I would definitely want the attacker to be criminally prosecuted so he can't attack anyone else again. If you know of any incidents at our public schools that might interest me, please e-mail me at

Friday, December 21, 2007

Support Turner and Taylor!

Jared Taylor and Hal Turner are both very important leaders in the Pro-White/race realist movement. Both have been on CNN and have done their best to further the cause of Whites whether it's holding rallies or conferences that discuss the problems facing Whites and the culture our ancestors created. A lot of Amren supporters would knock Hal Turner as a "kook" but this is simply not true. In every movement it is necessary to have people going around talking to the every day citizen trying to convince them that their philosophy is right,that man is Jared Taylor. At the same time you have to have those willing to get out in the streets fighting injustices and that is where Hal Turner comes in. Recently Turner has moved his website into a subscriber only mode to weed out those individuals that are mooching off of the hard work of others. Those that are not committed to White Nationalism or even committed to being decent Whites can't access the site for free anymore. The rallies for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome in Knoxville were attended by Turner and he delivered a fiery and emotional speech denouncing the black thugs that savagely murdered the White couple. In August Mr. Turner held a rally in Kalamazoo, Michigan after finding out that there had been several attacks on White men by gangs of black men in that city. Nothing surprising to those familiar with the FBI and Dept. of Justice crime stats on interracial crime. The Kalamazoo rally was, according to Turner , a disappointment with fewer than 100 protesters showing up. Taylor, conversely, will host a conference in February of 2008 in Virginia where he expects about 300 attendees. This of course is not a rally, but a conference that will have speakers with Doctorate degrees and who have published books in the areas of race, politics and IQ. Both men deserve our respect and admiration for their activism.

The real question is why are there not more people attending these events? I know that there are probably a hundred thousand people in this country that visit Pro-White websites on a daily or weekly basis who are fighting mad about what is going on in our country. They are mad about black on White crime, anti-social minority behavior, paying billions out in welfare, affirmative action and the illegal immigration problem has even liberals mad. We need to stop with the excuses and support White Nationalism any way we can. Hopefully these two brave men continue to lead because without them we would be lost. I am not sure a majority of Whites in this country are even aware of the danger we are in, but Jared Taylor and Hal Turner can't be blamed for not giving them the information.

Another Really Bad Politician From Arkansas!

Many pundits seem to agree that the Republican race for the White House has come down to 3 candidates, Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani and Mike Huckabee. I have a tough time deciding which one I detest the most,but that honor would probably go to Huckabee. Huckabee has pulled a "Bill Clinton" (Clinton told a crowd of college students in Oregon that when Whites become a "minority"in the United States than racism will disappear) when in 2005 talking to a Hispanic lobbying group (LULAC) he jokingly said that "White Guys" like himself would probably be a minority one day. Of course I am sure the anti-White crowd loved to hear a White man joke about becoming a minority and I know that Huckabee could really care less about knocking his own race. He knows that most whites are too stupid and brainwashed to hold him accountable for his incredibly naive remarks. All he has to do is talk about how much he loves Jesus and gullible White "conservatives" will vote for him. These same Jesus lovers don't seem to have a problem with sending their sons to die in a war (Iraq) started by Neo-Con Zionists because Jews are God's Chosen Race. We (White Christians) have to defend Israel! If you are stupid enough to believe that Jews are God's Chosen Race of people maybe Mike Huckabee is a perfect fit for you. In all honesty,can he be worse than George Bush?

Nicholas Stix,AmRen and Other Ramblings

For the past several years I have been involved with the Conservative/White Nationalist movement and throughout this time I have read many great books and articles by several intelligent, dedicated and honest men and women. One of these men is Nicholas Stix. Stix describes himself as a "dissident" journalist living in New York and "whitelisted" by the main stream media (MSM) because of his political views which are by no means "politically-correct". Unlike most writers Stix takes a "Pro-White" stance and has authored articles about the carjacking, kidnap, rape and murder of a young white couple in Knoxvile, Tennessee (google "Knoxville Horror" if you don't know what I am talking about) and wrote the "State of White America-2007" which was published by the National Policy Institute. Stix is also a Jew. Why would a Jew take a "Pro-White" stance? Like my mother said,"May the Jews be happy with what's left of America when Whites are gone." Admittedly a very pessimistic view of Whites disappearing, which I don't agree with, but the point is that Jews have never had a better friend than White American's. Jews (with the help of White liberals) that control the media and government have done an excellent job of brain-washing Whites into believing they have no right to a racial identity. Does Stix recognize this? Stix, why do you support White America?

The January issue of "American Renaissance" has an excellent article about diversity in the military. Actually it is the cover story and is an excellent read. There are also articles about Australia's "Yellow" problem and it's effect on Oz. Also, Jared Taylor writes about William Saletan from Slate magazine who published a 3-day story about genetic IQ differences only to retreat from his stance and "apologize" for his "sloppy" work.

Tis' the season and because it is I want to talk about what Christmas really is. Jesus was not born in December, but probably some time in Spring. Christmas is really the "Winter Yule" an Odinist holiday celebrating the end of the harvest and the beginning of a long and brutal winter. Those of you with northern European ancestors should remember that our Nordic ancestors did not have heaters and refrigerators and cable TV. They used their wits and strength to survive. Because of their sacrifice we are what we are today.
Never forget their struggles! We are here to make them proud and to continue the legacy of European culture here in America. Don't let a few liberals make you ashamed of being White. We are the silent majority and if you say a prayer this Christmas Season pray that Whites "wake-up" and realize that nothing is more important than your Race, kin and community. Money and possessions do not make one great. Honesty, pride, respect and hard-work makes one great. Loving YOUR people makes you great!

UFC 79 predictions:Georges St. Pierre(GSP) over Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell over Wanderlai Silva.Check it out on December 29th only on pay-per-view.......Calzaghe over Bernard Hopkins when they fight this summer. More to come on this at a later date.