Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ASSAULT!....... On Working Class (White) Americans!

The other day I overheard a conversation between 3 guys, all contractors, about the construction industry. 2 were from Virginia and the 3rd guy was from New York City. All 3 were White men ( bad examples of White men) and were the arrogant/cocky I can "drink more than you can type". The guy from New York was talking about how he hated New York City because of the union workers. Here's a quote from this arrogant man, "These guys are making 80,000 thousand a year and they don't even have college degrees". To quote Lou Dobbs, "Where does it say in the Constitution that one has to have a college degree to earn a livable wage"? The other 2 replied that they had "Mexicans" doing their work for "real" cheap. So let me get this straight; fire your own race and exploit another and one can get big and rich in America. The saying, "The Land of oppurtunity" just got a revision, John McCain style! It was difficult for me to listen to these men. I wanted to defend blue-collar Americans like myself, but I kept my mouth shut. Was I weak? Maybe so. I should have defended the White working-class American.

The war against the working class started shortly after WW2. The war started with the auto industry. German and Japanese car makers started "dumping" their cars in America because the American government decided not impose tariffs on them. American citizens started buying these cheap cars because they were getting more for their money. You see Japan and Germany do not pay their workers the level of wage that Americans did at the time. They also did not give them the type of benefits and pensions that American companies gave their workers at the time. On top of this Japan and Germany, even to this day, do not have the same environmental laws and over-time laws that exist in America. Gullible White Americans (who for the most part only think with their wallet and not race) bought up these cars and put their fellow Americans on the welfare line. These are the same people that claim to be Christians, but NOT taking care of one's neighbor is not very Christian to me. "Treat others like you wanted to be treated," the old saying goes. Has America listened? Would you like to be fired from your job because your own government would not protect you from a country you risked your life to defeat just a decade earlier? Probably not and the result of this sell-out of the American middle-class can be seen in cities like Detroit and Flint, Michigan. These cities used to be home to White-Christian middle-class families, but these cities are now the 1st and 3rd most unlivable cities in America. White flight will do that. But can we blame Whites for leaving? They had to find new jobs.

Today's America has a lot of problems. The economy is just one of these problems. More and more Whites are working "service" industry jobs that do not pay a lot and have horrible benefits. Is it any wonder that the prison population in this country continues to grow? If I worked in the government I would be very nervous. The prison population will continue to grow, especially among White males. As we are further denied rights and jobs more and more White men will lash out violently against our oppressors. We have been taught since we were little boys that our ancestors were horrible slave-holding racist bigots. We have been taught that we are naturally racist and evil. When we will give in and accept these lies? Will America be better off with a new class of criminals? Build more prisons America, your gonna need 'um!


Nicholas Stix said...

The auto industry is a bad example, Howard. You should have used steel, where the Japanese government subsidized the Japanese industry, permitting Jap firms to dump steel below the market price on America. When the American government refused to counter with stiff tariffs to neutralize the Japanese state subsidies, America's steelmakers were run into the ground, and thousands of hard-working, tough men were left having to take crappy jobs, in order to survive.

I didn't feel like researching the auto industry, but I can recall when I went to NYC on my own for the first time, it was to the Auto Show in 1970 or '71. I was 12 years old. And it blew me away that the foreign cars all had two prices listed on the info sheets I took home with me: The base price, in American dollars, and the full price including the tariff, which was substantial.

The government must have dropped the auto tariff sometime during the 1970s.

Note too that American automobile quality went to hell at the time. In 1978, my then-girlfriend and I helped our Japanophile sociology professor research a talk he was giving on Japan. I went through a consumer book on cars (Consumer Reports?). The only American vehicle that got the highest rating was the Lincoln Continental or Mark series. By contrast, every Japanese model I came across got the highest possible rating.

One of the reasons American cars went downhill at the time was our workers. Drunkenness and absenteeism were rampant in the Motor City. I'm sure those problems factored into the big 3 automakers' decision to start relocating assembly plants abroad. It didn't occur to me at the time
to ask whether the alcoholism/absenteeism problems were generalized or a black thing.

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

Thanks for your comment, but I disagree. GM was the biggest employer in America so the auto industry is a better example. Steel is an excellent example too, maybe I will write about it sometime.

I think the reason why American cars get bad ratings in the consumer books is because the people that write those books are infected with "White Guilt". Besides, it's "cooler" to have an import.