Monday, January 28, 2008

Airbrushed Out Of America

When the masses turn on the television in today's America they are instantly blasted with politically-correct subliminal messages. On CSI (no matter what city they are in) the criminals are White and the cops are women and "people of color". Reality of course says different, but reality is something that the media wants White Americans to ignore. Besides, if the producers of these shows showed us reality (white cops, black and brown criminals) we know what would happen. "People of Color" and their "civil rights" organizations would protest and riot if necessary. Here is an example of the subliminal messages I am talking about. The other day I saw an add for a "reality" TV show ( based around several young men and women in a house in Hawaii or the Bahama's or maybe it was Miami. Regardless of where this show is taking place the advertisement showed these young/beautiful men and women sitting around a pool looking "cool" and "beautiful". Of course they show a White woman sitting with a black male and a clean-cut White man sitting with a black woman (how many White males do you see with black females?). The link provided above does not show the picture of the advertisement, but the related articles will show the reader what kind of show this really is. Despite the low number of inter-racial relationships the liberal media will not stop it's barrage against Whites of promoting inter-racial relationships and miscegenation. If diversity is a strength why does the Zionist/liberal media promote race-mixing? White genes are recessive. If Whites breed with non-Whites it will only lead to Whites disappearing and "diversity" will disappear. Another example of the "race-mixing" assault is the media's love affair with "super-model" Heidi Klum (she is German and no doubt a product of National Socialist eugenics programs). Klum is considered "hip" and "cool" because her husband is a black vocalist named Seal. I wonder if the parents of Jena Shearer think inter-racial couples are "hip"? Read my blog (") for the horrific details. Remember the black police officer from Ohio, Bobby Cutts, who was accused of killing his pregnant White girlfriend (,2933,294415,00.html)? I could go on and on, but all one has to do is click on the link provided to American Renaissance and download the "Color of Crime" That's right, scroll down a little. There you go! How much longer does the elephant have to sit in our living room before we question it's presence? (Let's be honest, "minority"-on-White crime is THE elephant in the closet, or living room.)

They invented cars. They invented planes. They invented nuclear energy. They put 2 rovers on Mars ( Who are these idiots? You guessed it. White males! Yeah, that's right, White males are really stupid. It seems like every commercial, TV show or movie has a "stupid" White male being "put in his place" by a member of an "oppressed minority" group. An example would be the on-going Washington Mutual commercials featuring the "corrupt White bankers" and the black Washington Mutual banker who "puts them in their place"( Once you get to "youtube's" homepage type in "Washington Mutual" and you will be able to watch the commercials I am talking about. I will not be convinced White males are anything less than "intellectual savages" until there is a colony of Whites on Mars (If NASA needs volunteers I will happily go and live on Mars). Of course if "stupid White Males" were able to colonize Mars then you know Mexicans would show up there illegally demanding rights and citizenship. I'm sure someone would take the side of the Mexicans. Can you say "stupid White Martian male"?

The other annoying thing about our new multi-cultural/racial world is calling customer service and hearing "Todd" speak to you with an Indian accent. In my opinion, companies that out-source our jobs to countries like India should be boycotted. Companies that have endless ads using non-white models and shows with non-white actors should be boycotted as well. I also think that White males should boycott military service. Why are we risking our lives for a country that hates us? Whites are supposed to embrace diversity, but it seems that all diversity really means is "White's don't apply". White Americans are not only supposed to embrace diversity but, we are now supposed to financially support diversity. That's right, financially support our own death and diminishing influence. Let's boycott companies that DO NOT support the values of White America.


Tony Soprano said...

CSI miami is the worse of all of them.I cannot even stand to watch it anymore.Notice how if you have cable it seems you can almost see a rerun of any CSI 24/7.They are targeting young white males with their PC non-sense on Spike TV.One of the best shows on TV is The shield on FX.It deals with the race issue honestly.I like the episode where the Blacks and Latinos are fighting.Notice no matter how good the show is they rarely show reruns.Maybe because of the DVD sales.

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

"The Shield" is a pretty good show. I don't have cable anymore, so I can't watch it anymore.

Anonymous said...


There's an antiwhite book circulating in libraries across the nation. It's called Breeding Between the Lines by jew Alon Ziv. To read more about this antiwhite book, please check out Majority Rights' book review at:

Sad, isn't it?


Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

Jennie, thanks for leaving a comment. Miscegenation will nevr "catch on". I see literally thousands of couples a day in Las Vegas and 90% of them are with a person of their own race.