Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mir Victorious, Rematch With Lesnar Set

Frank Mir did'nt listen to the experts last night becoming the first fighter to stop Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira with a second round TKO en route to becoming the UFC interim heavyweight champion. With this victory Mir gets a rematch with Brock Lesnar to unify the heavyweight belt. Mir submitted Lesnar in Lesnar's UFC debut last year. After being submitted by Mir, NCAA wrestling champion and former WWE superstar Brock Lesnar went on to defeat Heath Herring and Randy Couture for the UFC belt. Mir has been highly critical of Lesnar getting a title shot.

With Mir victorious it seems like a huge grudge match will go down some time in the Spring. I believe that the UFC Heavyweight unification bout between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir will be the biggest fight of 2009. My early prediction is this. Brock Lesnar will dominate Frank Mir like he did in their first fight, but this time Mir will not be able to pull a submission out of thin air because Lesnar will not engage him on the ground. Lesnar will hit Mir with a big right hand and KO Mir.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holocaust "Survivor" Scammed Out Of Millions By Fellow Jew

The greatest present I could have recieved this Christmas I got when I heard news that Elie Wiesel and his holocaust group were decieved out of millions by fellow Jew Bernie Madoff. Madoff is the man that recently stole millions if not billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. The media has been stressing that Madoff stole from fellow Jews and not Gentiles and even going so far as to blame "institutional" Anglo-Saxon racism against Jews in Palm Beach County, Florida as the reason why Jews were so easily deceived.

The deceived Jews, according to the MSM, wanted to live the good life and had to make a lot of money because the evil Anglo-Saxons would not let them into their coutry clubs because of their religion. Again, we see the MSM blaming whitey for everything!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UFC 92 Predictions

UFC 92 is this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and I have some predictions.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson :

This is the 3rd fight between these two beasts of the 205 pound division and Jackson is looking for his first victory. I think he will find it here. Silva won the first 2 fights in "Pride" and is coming off of a quick KO victory over Keith Jardine. Jackson is coming off of a decision loss to Forrest Griffin, a fight in which he lost his title.

PREDICTION: Jackson by decision

Antonio "Rodrigo" Nogueira vs. Frank Mir

This is a 5-round fight for the interim Heavyweight Title with the winner getting Brock Lesnar
to unify the belt some time in Spring. Mir has recently been getting publicity for calling Lesnar's victory over Randy Couture "lucky". Mir will need luck in this one as he fights a legend in Nogueira. Nogueira is known for his ability to take massive amounts of punishment, but this skill will not be necessary in this fight. I predict Nogueira will make quick work of Frank Mir.

PREDICTION: Nogueira by submission

Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin:

This fight is for the UFC Light-heavyweight belt and should live up to the hype. Rashad Evans is a former college wrestler for Michigan State and has used an improving stand-up game to knock out such fighters as Sean Salmon and Chuck Liddell. Griffin is a well rounded fighter who has used his ground game to submit Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and his stand-up to beat Quinton Jackson for the UFC title. Griffin will use his technical striking skills to neutralize Evans' wrestling and will retain his belt.

PREDICTION: Griffin by decision

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lesnar In A Mismatch?

The consensus among MMA writers, bloggers and fans is that Brock Lesnar will be defeated by Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera after Noguiera defeats Frank Mir next Saturday for the interim heavyweight championship. I have to disagree . Noguiera has been unimpressive in his two UFC fights and if he defeats Frank Mir on Saturday December 27th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena he will face Brock Lesnar to unify the title some time in Spring.

The Brazilian Noguiera holds an advantage in the submission game and if Lesnar goes to the ground he must be very cautious. Lesnar, the former NCAA wrestling champion , should keep the fight on his feet and use his powerful right hand on Noguiera. Noguiera has taken a lot of punishment in his career and it is the opinion of this writer that he is past his prime. If Lesnar can land a right hand he might unify the title.

Friday, December 5, 2008

MMA Notes

It's been a while since I posted a blog and in that time Brock Lesnar has become the new UFC heavyweight champion by defeating Randy Couture by knockout at UFC 91 on November 15. Lesnar who is just 3-1 in MMA was noticeably nervous as he entered the Octogan. Contrastly, Couture was in familiar territory and looked as if he was taking a walk in the park as he entered the cage. Couture came out strong utilizing the clinch to press Lesnar against the cage, but he was unable to take the 275 pound former NCAA wrestling champion down. Lesnar was able to get Couture down and pass into half-guard before Couture stood back up. At one point in the first round Couture took Lesnar's back before Lesnar grabbed his leg and whipped him down landing in Couture's guard.

The end came quickly and violently in the second round when Lesnar landed a big right hand dropping Couture and finished him with about 25 hammerfists on the ground before the ref mercifully halted the fight. Lesnar looked very impressive defeating Randy Couture. Considering he is so new to the game his victory was amazing. His wrestling skills was the difference as Couture was simply unable to take down the massive Lesnar. Lesnar will face the winner of Mir and Noguiera. A rematch with Mir would be an attractive fight. Mir submitted Lesnar in his UFC debut last year. My guess is that the rematch would end differently.