Friday, February 22, 2008

No "Don Imus" Treatment For Bernard Hopkins

Black middlewieght/light heavyweight (160 lbs./175 lbs) boxing champion Bernard Hopkins has recently said that he would "never lose to a White boy" in regards to his April fight in Las Vegas at 175 lbs against super-middleweight (168 lbs.) champion Joe Calzaghe. Calzaghe was born in Wales to an Italian father and Welsh mother ( and is the un-disputed 168 pound champion of the world. This is definitely a super-fight between two of the best fighters in boxing today. Of course the racist comment from Bernard Hopkins was dismissed as "hype" by the main-stream media, but Hopkins himself has said that he means what he says and that it is not hype. It's funny that the guilt-ridden White media will defend blacks even when they don't want to be defended for their racist comments. Would the same media that defends racist blacks from their comments protect Don Imus, Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, Al Campanis or John Rocker?

For years black athletes have proclaimed that they would rather play for black coaches than White coaches. Yet the media continues to portray these black athletes as "saints" and any White athlete that criticizes non-whites as racist. I don't blame blacks for saying that they would rather play for black coaches. They are simple showing pride for their race. What I despise is the fact that a White man can't be proud of himself in today's world without being "run out of Dodge." This double-standard was created by White liberals, so I guess they are the real enemies that need to be defeated.

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