Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LAS VEGAS HATE CRIME and A New Muslim Nation!

Last week there was a disturbing "Hate Crime" here in Las Vegas. Black teenage gangsters traveled to Summerlin, a White upscale part of town in Las Vegas, and shot at a group of White kids walking home from school (Palo Verde High School). A White freshman by the name of Christopher Privett was killed. Click here for a story about the shooting: . This story proves a point. For decades Whites have traveled to the upscale suburbs to escape minority violence. The word "White flight" was created to explain this phenomenon. But, there is no where left to run. Whites need to start fighting because your kid could be the next Christopher Privett.

America has hit an all-time low. Bush has recognized the "nation" of Kosovo along with the European Union. Kosovo is a province within Serbia that belongs to the Serbs. Kosovo is of historical and cultural importance to the White and Christian Serbs. The Eastern Orthodox Serbs have been attacked by America for years now. From the 78 day bombing campaign against Belgrade during the Bill Clinton years to this recent montrosity of race betrayal. Here is a link to what happens when America decides to screw with Serbia:

Kosovo is now controlled by Albanian Muslims. Islamic terrorists now have a new base of operations in Europe. It was after all the Kosovors that introduced Al-Queda into Europe during the war that broke Yugoslavia up into about 6 different countries.
The link provided above goes to a story that says America was funding al-qaeda as well as the Kosovors in the Balkans. Is there any reason why we should not believe that?

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