Friday, February 29, 2008

Update on Palo Verde High School Shooting

Information released yesterday in a Las Vegas courtroom revealed that one of the killers of Christopher Privett has been arrested before on gun charges and the morning of the murder of Privett, Ezekiel Williams had fired shots at a group of people outside of the Hotel/Casino Texas Station. Court documents reveal that Williams was arrested 6 months ago by the North Las Vegas Police Department for possesion of a gun. Here is a link to the story: ( Why are criminal gang-bangers allowed back on the street after being arrested on gun charges? Maybe if the system worked Christopher Privett would still be alive. This is another example of America's failed justice system. I have talked to Las Vegas District Attorney David Rogers and he was not very accepting of my opinion that race was a factor in this horrific murder of a freshman high school student. I have left several messages for Las Vegas Homicide, but they have yet to return my calls. When I actually get to talk to someone in the police department or D.A's office their attitude is hostile and confrontational. A typical question I get is "why do you care"? My answer is this: I am a memeber of the community and I am concerned with crime in my city. No matter what city you live in remember that your community does not belong to the police, D.A, politicians or criminal-thug gang-bangers. It belongs to you, the honest hard-working tax paying citizen and it is up to you to ensure that "they" know that.

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