Monday, January 28, 2008

Airbrushed Out Of America

When the masses turn on the television in today's America they are instantly blasted with politically-correct subliminal messages. On CSI (no matter what city they are in) the criminals are White and the cops are women and "people of color". Reality of course says different, but reality is something that the media wants White Americans to ignore. Besides, if the producers of these shows showed us reality (white cops, black and brown criminals) we know what would happen. "People of Color" and their "civil rights" organizations would protest and riot if necessary. Here is an example of the subliminal messages I am talking about. The other day I saw an add for a "reality" TV show ( based around several young men and women in a house in Hawaii or the Bahama's or maybe it was Miami. Regardless of where this show is taking place the advertisement showed these young/beautiful men and women sitting around a pool looking "cool" and "beautiful". Of course they show a White woman sitting with a black male and a clean-cut White man sitting with a black woman (how many White males do you see with black females?). The link provided above does not show the picture of the advertisement, but the related articles will show the reader what kind of show this really is. Despite the low number of inter-racial relationships the liberal media will not stop it's barrage against Whites of promoting inter-racial relationships and miscegenation. If diversity is a strength why does the Zionist/liberal media promote race-mixing? White genes are recessive. If Whites breed with non-Whites it will only lead to Whites disappearing and "diversity" will disappear. Another example of the "race-mixing" assault is the media's love affair with "super-model" Heidi Klum (she is German and no doubt a product of National Socialist eugenics programs). Klum is considered "hip" and "cool" because her husband is a black vocalist named Seal. I wonder if the parents of Jena Shearer think inter-racial couples are "hip"? Read my blog (") for the horrific details. Remember the black police officer from Ohio, Bobby Cutts, who was accused of killing his pregnant White girlfriend (,2933,294415,00.html)? I could go on and on, but all one has to do is click on the link provided to American Renaissance and download the "Color of Crime" That's right, scroll down a little. There you go! How much longer does the elephant have to sit in our living room before we question it's presence? (Let's be honest, "minority"-on-White crime is THE elephant in the closet, or living room.)

They invented cars. They invented planes. They invented nuclear energy. They put 2 rovers on Mars ( Who are these idiots? You guessed it. White males! Yeah, that's right, White males are really stupid. It seems like every commercial, TV show or movie has a "stupid" White male being "put in his place" by a member of an "oppressed minority" group. An example would be the on-going Washington Mutual commercials featuring the "corrupt White bankers" and the black Washington Mutual banker who "puts them in their place"( Once you get to "youtube's" homepage type in "Washington Mutual" and you will be able to watch the commercials I am talking about. I will not be convinced White males are anything less than "intellectual savages" until there is a colony of Whites on Mars (If NASA needs volunteers I will happily go and live on Mars). Of course if "stupid White Males" were able to colonize Mars then you know Mexicans would show up there illegally demanding rights and citizenship. I'm sure someone would take the side of the Mexicans. Can you say "stupid White Martian male"?

The other annoying thing about our new multi-cultural/racial world is calling customer service and hearing "Todd" speak to you with an Indian accent. In my opinion, companies that out-source our jobs to countries like India should be boycotted. Companies that have endless ads using non-white models and shows with non-white actors should be boycotted as well. I also think that White males should boycott military service. Why are we risking our lives for a country that hates us? Whites are supposed to embrace diversity, but it seems that all diversity really means is "White's don't apply". White Americans are not only supposed to embrace diversity but, we are now supposed to financially support diversity. That's right, financially support our own death and diminishing influence. Let's boycott companies that DO NOT support the values of White America.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lesnar and Mir Both Have A Lot To Lose....And Gain

Next Saturday (Super Bowl weekend) in Las Vegas UFC 81 will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. I am actually really looking forward to this event. The co-main event features former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir against former NCAA wrestling champion and former WWE (pro wrestling organization) star Brock Lesnar. I can't remember the last time I was excited about a UFC heavyweight fight, but this match-up has really caught the attention of fans and myself alike. There is a TON of debate out there about who is going to win this fight. I was at "youtube" yesterday watching videos previewing the fight and reading the comments left by viewers of these videos. The "experts" seem to be evenly split about who they think will win. Some believe Mir will win by submission and some believe that Lesnar will be able to use his superior wrestling skills to defeat Mir. Let's not forget that Mir is a former high school wrestling champ and that his best position is on his back where he has submitted Tim Sylvia, Pete Williams and Tank Abbot to name a few. I would not be surprised if Mir let's himself be taken down so he can work on submitting Lesnar from his back. Allowing a 265 pound man who is all muscle and a great wrestler to take you down might not be the best idea though. Lesnar has only one MMA fight that lasted a mere 90 seconds, but he was easily able to take down his opponent, pass his guard, gain mount and force him to verbally submit due to strikes. Mir needs to keep this in mind if he decides to pull guard. Lesnar of course needs to watch the submissions. I would imagine he is working with his coaches on submission defense and his striking. Wrestling is a great skill (Lesnar has great wrestling skill) and most champions in the UFC (atleast historically) have a wrestling background, but the new world of MMA is evolving into a world where well-rounded skills are required simple to survive much less win a title. George St. Pierre, B.J. Penn and Fedor Emelianenko come to mind as champion fighters that possess great striking and grappling ability. It's hard to know how good Lesnar's striking and jiu-jitsu skills are since he has had only one fight, but rumor has it he is progressing in these areas at a rapid pace. He is a great athlete, that can't be denied, but Mir is no slouch either.

Much has been written about this fight. Someone wrote that Mir has everything to lose and nothing to gain and Lesnar has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Not true. Let's examine Mir first. If Mir wins he won a fight in the Octagon. Every win in the UFC is big. A victory means he is one step closer to a title shot and let's not forget that he broke Sylvia's arm to win that title years ago. A motorcycle accident took him out of the sport for a year and a half and since he has returned the results have been mixed. Defeating Lesnar in a much-hyped fight would be big for Mir. A loss would look bad for Mir so I'm sure he is taking the fight seriously. But, it's the loss that would be bad not who he loses to. As for Lesnar, winning your first fight in the UFC is big. I think if he wins we will see for sure that he is serious about being a fighter. There are many people that view him as a joke, a money-making scheme contrived by Dana White (UFC President). He can put this talk to rest with a victory. He is no stranger to competition and has tasted defeat before. In interviews with Lesnar about this fight he sounds very confident and ready for war. He has said that Mir is in his way and that he's going to put his fist's down Mir's throat. So I guess what Lesnar has to lose is simply losing. He has talked real tough and now he needs to back it up ( A loss could destroy his confidence and make him question whether or not he made the right decision about his new career in MMA. Lesnar has a lot to lose.

Next Saturday a lot of questions will be answered about the UFC heavyweight division. Currently, Randy Couture is being sued by the UFC for "breach of contract" so Tim Sylvia will fight former "Pride" (Pride Fighting Championship is a now defunct MMA organization) superstar Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the "interim" UFC heavyweight title. Will the winner of this fight be the next challenge for "The Natural" Randy Couture? Will a new "star" be born in Lesnar or will a former champ (Mir) take a step closer to redemption that for him would be the UFC heavyweight belt? Will a muscular former pro wrestler leave the Octagon with his tail between his legs or will a former champ's career take a step off a cliff falling into obscurity? Intriguing isn't it? I can't predict the future, but I can try. Mir is dangerous from his back, that's his strength, but I don't feel it will be enough to beat Lesnar. Lesnar will use his strength and wrestling ability to defeat Frank Mir. Mir will throw everything in submissions at Lesnar, but the former NCAA wrestling champ will be ready for it. This fight does'nt make it to the 3rd round. Lesnar by TKO in the second.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Censored at American Renaissance and......Hal Turner Alienates Supporters!

UPDATE 1-31-08: Hal Turner has displaced the rumor that he was working for the FBI. I never doubted Hal, I just wanted to know why he had said, "no comment" when asked if he was rescending from his "Pro-White" stance.

First Google and now American Renaissance have censored me. When I post new blogs Google will not post them on their "blogger" homepage. Google why are you being so mean to me? Now, American Renaissance is being mean to me. Yesterday I tried to post a comment about legitimate criticism of Jews. It was not a Neo-Nazi rant, but an intelligent and thoughtful post recommending fellow posters to read books by Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald, a psychology professor at Long Beach St., has done excellent research in the fields of anti-Semetism and why such various groups have disliked Jews so much. I wrote this comment because a poster had asked the old question, "why do people dislike Jews so much"? The idea that there might be good reasons not to like Jews never crossed this man's mind. Why is it okay for blacks, Hispanics, Asians and even Whites to be criticized at American Renaissance, but not Jews? I don't pretend to know the answer, but I feel it's a legitimate question. But, then again I'm just an "extremist" spewing my "racist hatred" for non-whites safely behind a keyboard. Why would anyone pay me any attention?

What a seg-way into my next topic, Hal Turner, and why he is ignoring people that supported him. Every Wednesday night Hal would talk about issues that affect "straight White people". His show was great combining humor with White Nationalist news and Hal's own brand of commentary. Hal went to a subscription service and then suddenly pulled the plug. Mark Potok at the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote an article accusing the FBI of working with Hal Turner. Potok claimed Hal was an informant for the FBI. Potok was angry that the FBI would allow a "racist" to spread his message in hopes that they could arrest potential White Nationalist terrorists. I have tried calling Hal and e-mailing him to see if these accusations were true, but he will not respond. Yesterday on Hal's website he had a link to an interview he did a couple of days ago where he was asked the question if he would denounce his White Nationalist views and he answered with a "no comment". In the past Hal has required a "Pro-White" message for him to broadcast a show using his server. He has said now that a "Pro-White" message is no longer required. Hal what's going on?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ron Paul and More Observations From Las Vegas

I no longer support Ron Paul for president. He has made several comments over the past several weeks revealing Martin Luther King Jr. as his hero and in an e-mail I received on MLK Day (an un-holiday) he stated that MLK is motivation for his campaign (it was something like that, I don't remember the exact words). I will not support someone who says that a serial adulterer is his hero so as to prove he is not racist. I will not support a man that says a Black Supremacist is his hero. I will not support a man that says a communist was his hero. Ron Paul you just blew it! You gained nothing with your pandering. Everyone knows the slogan,"Got Milk". Well, I guess Ron Paul should embrace the slogan, "Got Jackass"! Do you really think blacks will vote for you? 99% of your support was from Whites. You have/had the support of White liberals and conservatives, why did you have to throw it away? It's kind of like Pat Buchanan nominating a black woman with absolutely no experience as his vice-presidency candidate in 2000. Except that it's much worse. Buchanan did not have the same kind of support that Paul has/had. He did not raise anywhere near the amount of money Paul has. Both men blew it in my opinion, but today's America is full of White men like this. To be White and racially proud in today's society is a death sentence. Maybe I am being too hard on these White men, but enough is enough.

Unfortunately, I have a job that puts me in close proximity with immigrants, both White and non-white alike. Ethiopians, Chinese and Bulgarians are represented with some Russians mixed in. I have a buddy at work that has told me that 5 years ago Vegas really started to change. He is even younger than me and said that when he was in high school there was maybe a couple of blacks and Latinos that were English speakers (assimilated Hispanics), but that was it. Now America's fastest growing city is becoming a flop-house for the 3rd world. Teddy Roosevelt warned us from becoming a "polyglot boardinghouse" for the 3rd world. I guess we have decided we know better than the "real" Mr. Roosevelt. Clark County (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite and un-incorporated land) has 2 million people. 10 years ago it had only 900,000 people. It is projected that by the year 2020 Clark County will have 3 million people. I have purposefully saved the exclamation mark for the next stat. Non-whites will be the majority of Clark County in the year 2020! The "Whitest" big city in America is becoming a non-white sewer! Latino (mestizos) Chauvinists are already bragging about their future demographic dominance. 2006 was the first year Hispanics (mestizos) became the majority racial group in the Clark County School District. A mestizo "educator" in one of the schools said in the "Las Vegas Review Journal" that "we're taking over". "We" being Hispanics (mestizos). Imagine if a White had said that. We must resist and fight the hostile take-over of our country.

I guess our survival comes down to who has the guts to stand up to oppression. We live in a police state. The government controls our thoughts and words. Racially aware Whites are constantly harassed by the FBI and local "law enforcement" officials. The police constantly "manufacture" crimes to prove that they are doing something and we (racially aware Whites) are breaking the law. Corrupt politicians are getting ready to pass "Hate Crime" laws in America that will punish people who criticize supposedly oppressed minority groups. Of course criticizing Whites will still be acceptable and legal. Blogs are great, but we need to get the message out in the streets. The government works for us, they need to be reminded of that fact. Thomas Jefferson said," When the people fear the government,it is oppression; when the government fears the people, it is freedom". Let's raise up together as a united Race and defeat these savages in Washington!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Las Vegas Mexican Kills Fellow Marine, Send the "Dog" In!

It's a story that is becoming so common that it's almost impossible to keep up with them all. Yes folks, it's another "minority" on White killing. A naturalized Mexican immigrant who is also a Las Vegas resident has killed a pregnant White woman. Cesar Laurean, 21, of Guadalajara, Mexico has been accused of killing 20 year-old Maria Lauterbach. Maybe the most shocking part, they are/were both Marines! Lauterbach had also accused Laurean of raping her. Laurean has fled to Mexico and the FBI is working with Mexican officials to apprehend the man I have dubbed the "Mexican Marine".

I think we need to send "Dog" Chapman in because the FBI has a hard task ahead of itself. The Mexican government is not cooperative in cases like the one descibed above. If one recalls there was the case of Andrew Luster the "Max Factor" heir who was accused of raping hundreds of women. I would bet my measley life savings that 99% of them were White women. "Dog" went into Mexico and handled business. Of course the Mexicans arrested him, put him in jail and the American government pretty much abandoned him, but the pervert Luster was arrested and sent back to America. Recently "Dog" has been fired from his cable show due to comments he made to his son about not wanting the son's black girlfriend around the office. Apparently "Dog" and his co-workers use un-flattering words about blacks and "Dog" did'nt want any "problems" to arise if the black girlfriend was to hear these words. I guess the problem is an ungrateful son. The family of Maria Lauterbach will have to stand on the sidelines and watch the FBI "work" with the Mexican government. Mexico will not extradite fugitives back to the United States who are wanted for murder unless the American government gives assurances that they will not seek the death penalty. It's their policy. Only time will tell if justice is done in this case.

Pregnant Marines and Mexican Marines. It's good to know that America's most elite fighters are "real" warriors. I wonder what Guadalcanal Vets think about Mexican Marines and pregnant Marines? I'm sure the Muslims are shaking in their burqa's. With a military as dysfunctional as the one America has now is it any surprise we are losing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe I should'nt be too hard on the military. The Muslims are incredibly motivated. They resist those that attack them. Unlike in America where the Mexican invaders are given welfare, college scholarships and jobs. Muslims risk their lives to defeat an enemy and are considered heroes. Contrastly, in America the "Minutemen" went down to the border and were called "vigilantes" by that moron in the White House. Their crime? Calling the Border Patrol when they spotted Mexican invaders. Osama bin Laden gave up a life of luxury for a life living in caves to wage a war against his enemy. He is an Arab nationalist and in a lot of Muslim countries he gets higher approval ratings than the local or national governments. I respect that. Contrastly, here in America anyone taking a "Pro-White" stance is labeled a racist, bigot or a hater.

As a White Nationalist I say this: Islam is the enemy of our Race and People. They brought the fight to us in the 7th century in our homeland of Europe. We united as a people and drove these Islamic savages out of Europe. The Muslim invaders are back. We need to unite again as a people to drive the Muslim invaders from our ancestral homeland. Our People are under attack every day in Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia (screw Zimbabwe) and the United States of America. We face extermination on a daily basis. White Race arise and regain the pride of our ancestors. Regain the bravery of men like Charles Martel and William Wallace. In a way we can use bin Laden as motivation. If he can give up billions can't we sacrifice a little? We must be willing to sacrifice for OUR people. Did William Wallace and Charles Martel embrace diversity? Did the founders of this country embrace diversity? We know the answers are NO! Share the message of White Nationalism with your fellow European-Americans. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

No More Jews? Don't You Wish!

I hate to admit it, but I did watch the Dallas (via Africa) Cowboys lose to the N.Y (via Africa) Giants today 21 to 17. At the end of the game I was flipping through the channels and came across PBS and they were having their usual "Whitey's bad and everyone else is good" programming. Jews were today's "oppressed minority" and their constant suffering at the hands of White Gentiles was basically the plot of this 2-hour monstrosity of lies and half-truths. Of course PBS made it out like without Jews us horrible and evil Gentiles would be rolling around in our own filth barely able to keep from drowning on our "racism" and "bigotry". I guess since it is only a week away to Martin Luther King Day PBS has to get us Whites ready for our yearly "White Guilt" baptismal. Please, dip me in Holy Water and cleanse me of my racism.

Yummy! Black Male Eats White Girlfriend

Whitehouse, Texas:
In a story that would be impossible to believe unless it was true a 25 year-old black man by the name of Christopher Lee killed his White girlfriend Jena Shearer by hitting her over the head multiple times with a blunt object. He then mutilated her body and ate her. The full story is at the Council of Conservative Citizens website ( . The link to their website is provided on my blogs homepage. According to Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith, Lee has showed absolutely no remorse for his White victim as he sits in his jail cell.

According to statistics black males are 8 times more likely than White males to kill their spouse or girlfriend. "Femicide" is the leading cause of death for black women between the ages of 15 and 44. It's bad enough that black males kill their own women, but now we see on a daily basis blacks killing White women. Why a White woman would want to date a black is beyond me. Why White males tolerate either is even harder to believe! I remember reading an interview by David Horowitz of a former Black Panther who was in jail for murder and rape. He bragged about raping hundreds of White women and claimed he did it to defile them and make them unappealing to White men. I believe the name of the Black Panther is Cleaver. Despite all their claims of "Black Pride" most black men fantasize about White women. And if they don't get what they want sexually they will rape. According to Jewish writer/blogger Nicholas Stix, White males are just as likely to be raped by black males as are White females.

Members of the Nation of Islam, who believe that the White Race was created by a mad black scientist named Yacoub 6,000 years ago, have committed savage acts similar to the one above for the past 40 years. The Zebra killings come to mind. The Zebra killings were racially motivated attacks against Whites by blacks in the 1970's in San Francisco. My readers can research these horrific killings on the internet or can use the links to the Pro-White websites that I provide at my blog......The Fight Goes On..............

Friday, January 11, 2008

No More Hal?

As of Jan. 9th, 2008 Hal Turner has ended his 7 year run on the internet. He cited economic reasons as the major factor in his decision to leave the Pro-White movement. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Turner for the legacy he leaves and his influence on me as an individual in the race realist/conservative/White Nationalist movement.

UPDATE 1-12-08: Mr. Turner has left the door open to a possible return, but his radio show would be in a totally different "format" than before. Hopefully Hal brings back his radio show. It would be a shame to never again hear his brand of fiery "militant" White Nationalism. I think the hacking of his new subscriber-only website by was the last straw for Hal. The disappointing turn-out at the Kalamazoo rally was another factor in Hal's decision to "leave" the Pro-White movement. Hopefully Hal returns.

Do Whites Still Have Morals?

This weekend in Las Vegas there is a pornography convention at the Sands Expo Center. Everywhere one looks you see advertisements for this and even the DJ's on the radio are exited about the convention. It begs the question if the "average" White has any morals? I think the answer is yes, but we are the silent majority. It sad to see so many attractive White women throwing their lives away and it's sad to see so many White men wasting their hard-earned money on this filth.

There is also a porno awards show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Yes, a porno awards show! It's hard to believe, but it is the truth. I guess as a defender of "freedom of speech" I have to say that these people have a right to their awards show, but I think racially aware/racially conscious White Americans have a right to be disgusted. This type of trash is another reason why we need our own country with our own set of laws and borders. How much longer will Whites put up with the moral decay of our country? When will we fight for freedom? There is a country song that asks the question,"Where have all the cowboys gone"? The question that REALLY needs to be asked is: Where have all the racially proud White Men gone!?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Mexican Loyalists and "Kill Whites"

A couple of days ago I was driving down Flamingo and noticed a truck behind me with a Mexican flag for a license plate and a Mexican flag on his dashboard. For those of you stupid enough to think that Hispanics will assimilate you have got to get your head out of your butt. I am pretty sure he had a UNLV parking sticker on his car. He's probably going to school on Whitey's dollar! I say put the Mexicans down by any means necessary!

This past week MS-13 sent a statement in Connecticut when they vandalized a Vietnam War memorial in New Haven. They wrote "Kill Whites" on several of the markers remembering those brave men that died in a war we should have never been in in the first place.These thugs need to be rounded up and sent back to El Salvador. They are sub-human beasts and as far as I am concerned deserve rough justice.

The point of these stories is to illustrate that Hispanics are not White and will never assimilate. They are loyal to their own people and countries and need to be sent packing. If the government won't listen to us than it is up to us to send a message. The Mexican consulate's office is located at 3rd and Lewis in downtown Las Vegas. I will publish the home addresses of Senators Jon Ensign and Harry Reid when I receive the information. Hal Turner published them several months back and hopefully he will re-publish them so I can pass the information on to my readers.