Thursday, February 14, 2008

Haole Supports Hawaiian Secession

On Feb. 19th, 2007 a vicious hate crime occured in Hawaii near Pearl Harbor. An Iraqi war vet and his wife were beaten unconscious by 2 native Hawaiians. The two savages were a 44 year-old man and his 16 year-old son. The 44 year-old man picked up and slammed the 23 year-old White woman and the 16 year-old boy kicked the Iraqi war vet as he lay convulsing on the ground. The link provided here gives more details:

The savagery of this attack gives us a deep perspective of race relations in Hawaii. Recently, 85 year-old Senator Daniel Akaka introduced a bill that would grant native Hawaiians special recognition, like the recognition that is provided to "American" Indians. The bill passed the House and only a filibuster stopped a Senate vote. The "Akaka" Bill would give the 246,000 native Hawaiians, 20% of Hawaii, a "priveliged" status in Hawaii. Most native Hawaiians support the bill, but believe it does not go far enough. In the link provided above a Hawaiian professor is
quoted as saying he hates the United States of America and supports secession from America.

Hawaii is a state that relies on White tourists to support it's economy. The resort owners and Island government does not want Whites or haoles (pronounced how-lee, which is Hawaiian for White person) to know the truth about this fantasy "multi-cultural paradise". On doing my research for this article I was surprised to see that the population of Hawaii is just 1.3 million. 20% are Hawaiian (racially Hawaiian) 24% are White and the rest are mostly mixed-ethnicity Asians. Senator Akaka is of Chinese and Hawaiian ancestry. The Whites say that they face discrimination on a daily basis and one Army Private said she was "surprised" at the discrimination that Whites face and "did'nt understand why" it existed. Well, let's go back in time and see why this level of hatred for Whites exists in Hawaii.

In 1887 an American businessman by the name of Walter Gibson, some European businessman, and some native Hawaiians forced King Kalakaua to sign the "Bayonet Constitution". I guess this means they went in with swords drawn and forced the king to submit his powers. In 1893 the sister of King Kalakaua, Queen Liliuokalani, announced a plan to establish a new constitution to replace the "Bayonet Constitution". Evil haoles did'nt like that idea. In fact the situation was such a ticking time bomb that Grover Cleveland (he was the President at the time) sent in the Marines to maintain the peace. According to "Wikipedia" the presence of the Marines prevented the Hawaiian monarchy from standing up to the haole businessmen. Whether or not the Marines acted with "neutrality" as they were ordered to do is open to speculation. Obviously though, Hawaiians are going to take the view that the haole businessmen with the help of the U.S. Marines forced the Queen from the throne and annexed Hawaii. The "Blount Report" and "Morgan Report" (according to Wikipedia) claim that the "overthrow" of the Queen was illegal. Supposedly, President Cleveland ordered the re-instatement of the Queen, but the Provisional Government of Hawaii said no. Whatever really happened native Hawaiians believe that White men came in and overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy because they wanted control of the sugar industry. Even "Wikipedia" admits that many native Hawaiians helped the White businessmen "overthrow" the Hawaiian monarchy. In fact, "The Bayonet" Treaty denied voting right's to Asians and allowed only Whites and native Hawaiians to vote in elections. The reader is free to come up with their own conclusions as to what happened in Hawaii. It's not really the point of my blog, but I don't believe that White men acted on their own. I believe most native Hawaiians supported them and that is how they overthrew the Queen.

The point of my blog is this. I support Hawaiian independence. I believe that secession is the only way White-Christians are going to get our culture back in America. I would be a hypocrite if I said Whites should have our own land and Hawaiians were not entitled to their own land. I'm sure the Hawaiians in Las Vegas would agree with me. Las Vegas has a huge Hawaiian population (Las Vegas is called the 9th Island) because south-east Asians are moving to Hawaii and under-cutting the wage of the natives. Las Vegas has enough immigrants so I support just about anything that will send them back to their native lands (I know Hawaiians are legal American citizens, but culturally they are immigrants). Besides, if Hawaii never became a state we would not be worried about the presidency of a militant black Muslim by the name of Barack Obama. Democrat and presedential front-runner Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) was born in Hawaii.

Maybe Barack Obama is our punishment from God for "seizing" Hawaii. Maybe God is punishing us, but we can possibly redeem ourselves if the American government brings the troops back home to America where they belong. We don't need military bases in Hawaii. While I'm on the subject, we don't need bases in Europe or Asia either. Most of these troops are White and they should be home with their people not risking their lives on foreign soil for Zionist interests. Instead of bringing our troops home we are expanding NATO in the government's hopes of a war with Russia and Iran . My message to the "American-Zionist War Machine" in Washington: There ain't no patriots no more, who's gonna fight in your 3rd World War?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the zionist
war machine and the way they control
washington. the zionists manipulate
the gutless worthless politicans
to their advantage

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

Thank you for the comment anonymous. Maybe the Zionist puppets in Washington need a new master.