Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letter To The Editor Of The Las Vegas Review Journal

The recent murder of a Palo Verde High School student, Christopher Privett, by Gerald Davison and Ezekiel Williams has me wondering why the police, D.A. or media has not classified this crime as a "hate crime". Wiiliams and Davison are both black and traveled to a predominately white neighborhood and shot at and killed Privett who is white. Words were not exchanged between the perpetrators and victim and they did not even know each other. This was a premeditated crime that resulted in the death of a young man. So why did Williams and Davison kill Christopher Privett? I wonder what the reaction of the police, D.A. and media would be if the races were reversed in this case? America's secular religion is "political-correctness" and the gospel of this religion does not allow for race to be a factor when the perpetrators of a crime are black and the victims white.

Las Vegas

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