Friday, March 7, 2008

2.1 Billion Not Enough Money

Todd Witcher, the assistant editor of "Las Vegas Life" magazine, said today in a interview on Fox 5 news that the Clark County School District was getting ONLY 2.1 billion dollars from the state of Nevada and in his opinion this is not enough money to educate our children and attract quality teachers. Here is a link to "Las Vegas Life" magazine:

Mr. Witcher makes some good points about the reasons why Clark County has problems attracting and retaining quality teachers. The rising costs of homes in the greater Las Vegas area and the low pay of the teachers, but then again the achievement level of the students are pretty low too. There are other reasons why Clark County has a tough time attracting quality teachers that Mr. Witcher failed to talk about. Clark County is home to one of the most violent school districts in the country and because of this has it's own police department. Mr. Witcher fails to mention, at least in his interview, the level of violence in Clark county's public schools. A few other reasons Clark County has retaining quality teachers include the high levels of prostitution, drugs and gang violence in Clark County. If I was a prospective teacher I could think of a million other cities I would like to teach in that would be much safer than Las Vegas. I have also heard that the school district does a bad job of putting the most qualified teachers in the safest schools. If you are a teacher thinking about re-locating to Las Vegas would you want to teach at a school filled with black and Hispanic gang-bangers? Would you want to teach at a school were the majority of the students could not speak English fluently?

It's hard to escape the racial aspects of this problem, but rural communities in America that are mostly White, spend less than the national average of 9,600 dollars (the national average per-student per-year) and have much higher levels of achievement than school districts that spend above the 9,600 dollar average. According to Mr. Witcher, Clark County spends about 7,300 dollars, on average, per-year on each student. But, maybe the changing demographics of Las Vegas can explain some of the problems with the Clark County School District. 2006 was the first year in Clark County where White students were not the majority race. Hispanic students are now the majority race. As the numbers of White students decreases so will the level of achievement and no amount of money can reverse genetics. J. Phillipe Rushton is probably the leading authority on genetic race IQ differences. Here is a link to some of his work:

All the money in the world will not change the failures of the Clark County School District. We can only pray that as the black and Hispanic gangsters shoot it out and kill each other the shrinking percentage of White students do not get caught in the cross-fire or get shot at and killed for no reason like what happened to Christopher Privett. Here is a link to that story: We should also pray that no teachers get caught in the cross-fire either. Many of them move to Las Vegas to lead a double-life, rock-star partyer by night, teacher by day. Let's hope they make it out of Las Vegas alive and back to Kansas or Nebraska where they belong. As for Todd Witcher of "Las Vegas Life" magazine, I doubt he talks about any of these issues in his latest article about the Clark County School District. He will simply do what every other liberal does and blame the "lack of funding" for the school district's failure. Many will be fooled and believe this non-sense, but you and I know better.

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