Friday, April 4, 2008

Remembering The King.....Not Elvis, MLK

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of MLK. The date of MLK's assassination in Memphis will probably soon be a holiday in America. The black community has already claimed that Whites made MLK's birthday a holiday instead of the date of his assassination so as to escape the "guilt" of his murder. MLK has achieved a certain type of "holiness" in today's America. Try and criticize this scoundrel and see what happens to you. If there are blacks around they will assault you physically. If there are Whites around they will assault you verbally. Kids are "taught" about "America's Savior" for a whole week during "Black History Month" which black's also complain about because "Black History Month" is in February, which is the shortest month of the year. No wonder kids hate going to school. They are taught crap.

According to FBI and Department of Justice statistics in 2005 there was 645,000 cross-racial crimes involving blacks and Whites. 90% of those crimes were blacks commiting crimes against Whites. This shocking stat was one of many stats written about in "The Color of Crime" a "New Century Foundation" publication. Blacks are approximately 200 times more likely to gang rape a White woman as opposed to White men gang raping a black woman. In fact,on a yearly basis, of all White women raped 40% are raped by black men. Of all black women raped, not even 1% are raped by White men. According to Nicholas Stix, a New York based writer and author of the brilliant "State of White America 2007" White men are just as likely to be raped by black men as are White women due to prison rape. Some states in America are stupid enough to put blacks, Hispanics and Whites together in the same living areas in prison.

We see the legacy of MLK and the "Civil Right's Movement" in the horrifric inter-racial crime stats. Some say that MLK would be ashamed of what black America has turned into, but personally I think he would be happy. A White man in today's America can not even be proud of his race. He must be ashamed or face the accusations of racism. Is White America better off today or were we better off in the era before MLK? Today's Whites no nothing of the era before MLK except that Whites were horrible and racist. We have forgotten our history. In fact, we were never taught it.


Nicholas Stix said...

If King were alive today, he'd either have been discredited by now, or be getting all of the shakedown money, instead of Jesse and Al.

Denver said...

You got that one right, my friend! Good job!

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

Thanks for commenting Denver. Unfortunately, the King(MLK), will never die.