Saturday, April 12, 2008

Robbery Attempt Thwarted

Today on the news I saw a story of a would be robbery attempt in Washington state. A man walked into a "Days Inn" motel with a beanie on and a bandanna over his face. He pulled out a kitchen knife and tried to rob the cashier. Well, the cashier was having none of it. She fought off the attacker with a phone, taking 3 stab wounds, and was heroically able to uncover the robber by ripping off his beanie and bandanna. The camera was able to pick up the image of a Negro who thought he had an easy pay day by robbing a White grandmother working the grave-yard shift. I guess the welfare check and food stamps did not satisfy his lust for easy money. He was out muscled by a courageous and hard-working White woman. The police are now searching for the suspect. This sends a clear message to criminal blacks. Your hate-crimes against us Whites will not be tolerated. Whites are not going to roll over and take your criminal behavior. You will be fought and defeated. Here is the link to the story:

NOTE: Charlton Heston recently passed away and up until 2 days ago I was not really a fan. He was a little before my time. Then I read something that made me a big fan of this great man. In a speech given about 10 years ago Mr. Heston talked about White Pride as a good thing and criticised blacks as "raising a militant fist with one hand and seeking preference with the other." Here is a link to this speech.

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