Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More On "Rage Aginst The Machine"

I wanted to add some interesting stories and links about Rage Against The Machine. Yesterday I wrote about thier violently anti-White lyrics. I used 4 songs as examples. Here is a link to there songs lyrics:http://www.azlyrics.com/r/rageagainst.html

Here is a link to a story of lead singer Zach De La Rocha saying that if the rules of Nuremberg were imposed on the Bush Administration then "all those White guys would be killed." He then went on to say that Bush should be killed. Now I am not a fan of Bush, but I don't like it when anyone says that White men should be killed, especially someone who is not White. You have to scroll down a bit to the part titled "2007":

The pro-Zionist show "Hannity and Colmes", which airs on the Fox News Network, even covered De La Rocha's comment, but they left out the part about White guys being killed and focused on the part where De La Rocha said Bush should be killed. Here is a link to the story:

It doesn't surprise me that these alleged conservatives like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter did'nt talk about De La Rocha's ant-White hatred and instead focused on his anti-Bush hatred. They don't want to be accused of defending Whites. That's a crime. They will defend Israel and Bush like there is no tomorrow though. What has Bush or Israel done to better White/Christian America?


Mike Belgrove said...

I always liked Rage. RZA once called them "the white Wu-Tang" and I kinda agree. I'm mainly an urban music fan but I like their stuff. I've never noticed anything "anti-white" in their lyrics but I did notice that they are white themselves. Self hate maybe.

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...
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Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

Read my blog titled "Rage against Whitey" for an example of their anti-white lyrics.