Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Brief For Whitey

Pat Buchanan recently wrote an essay in response to Barack Obama's speech defending himself from attacks he recieved by the MSM in regards to his relationship with Reverend Wright titled "Obama's Speech, A Brief For Whitey". Rev. Wright is Obama's mentor and an anti-white racist. I am using the "Brief For Whitey" part in the title of my blog because I liked the way it sounded. Mr. Buchanan, who is a former speech writer for Ronald Reagan, is becoming more and more White Nationalist everyday. Since he wrote the best-seller "Death of the West" he has increasingly showed himself to be a White-Christian racial patriot. Mr. Buchanan points out that when Whites commit crimes they choose White victims 3% of the time while blacks choose White victims 45% of the time. Of course the black race-hustlers like Obama will only talk about black on black crime even though black criminal savages commit more crime against Whites than their own race.

The point of my blog is this. The level of audacity Obama has for thinking that he could fool Whites into thinking he was some black Jesus absolutely disgusts me. This is a man that had a link to the "New Black Panther Party" on his presidential website until his relationship with Rev. Wright was uncovered by Fox News. I hate Fox News, but I give them credit for uncovering the racist that is Barack Obama. This man will even bash his White grandparents, who are card-carrying Communists, as evil White racists. But, this is the results of inter-racial couplings. Barack's daddy is a Negro-Muslim and his mommy is a White girl. When blacks and Whites mix the mulatto baby will always gravitate towards the black race. And to make up for their lack of black DNA they will hate Whitey even more. Wake-up Whites. If you are White and voting for B. Hussien Obama then you hate yourself and the White Race. Do not think that blacks will be happy and forgive you of your "racism" if you vote for this mulatto racist.

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