Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Mulatto Racist Spouts Anti-White Venom

Mulatto Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter Alicia Keys is obviously following in the foot-steps of fellow racist mulatto Barack Obama. In a interview published in "Blender" magazine, a black power hip-hop magazine, Keys claims that gangsta rap was invented by the government to trick black males into killing each other. Here is a link to the story: Gangsta rap is responsible for just as many killings of Whites as blacks (although blacks are probably acting naturally by killing each other, look at Africa for proof) so I doubt the government invented it. With it's use of anti-white lyrics gangsta rap has played a genocidal role on it's assault on Whites. Keys does not explain how a bunch of old White men "invented" gangsta rap, but she does explain that she wears a gold chain of an AK-47 around her neck. This is a symbol of the "Black Panther Party" which has been responsible for the deaths of untold amounts of Whites.

Ms. Keys, a product of miscegenation (her mom is White and her dad is a Jamaican Negro), has made millions of dollars selling albums to a largely White audience. One has to wonder why she would hate Whites so much that she would read several autobiographies of former "Black Panther" party members? Here is a link to a story about one of the most vicious 'Black Panthers" ever and he sheds some light on their anti-white hatred:
Ms. Keys is obviously delusional if she thinks society is racist against blacks. For 50 years now Whites have capitulated to blacks when they demand preference in job hiring, college admissions, welfare, housing and just about anything else you can think of blacks get preference over Whites.

Should Whites buy albums from anti-White racists? Of course not, but the rise of Afrocentric music was not because blacks bought the albums, it was because Whites bought them. Whites are the only race in the history of the world who have financed their own diminishing influence and in some cases have supported black "musicians" who call for the murder of Whites. "Da Lench Mob" was a popular black power hip-hop group in the 1990's that won several Grammy's and some of their songs are blatantly racist. Here is a link to violent anti-White lyrics: A lot of Whites bought and listened to this music.

The media has covered up black racism for years. What will it take for Whites to realize the media are not our friends? That people like Alicia Keys are the norm in the black community. Tell all your White friends to boycott black "entertainers". If they want to preach hatred for us the least we can do is not make them millionaires.


mike Belgrove said...

Alicia is a talented artist but I think it's pretty safe to say that she is an idiot.

I first read about her interview with Blender from my fellow blogger Juan Perez over on Highbrid Nation. I couldnt beleive it. I had always thought she was smart. Little did I know. In reality she is a cross between a Black Panther and a retard.

...she still looks good though ;).

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

What Alicia Keys lacks in black DNA she makes up for with anti-White hatred.

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

I visited that blog for about 2 seconds. My blog gets whitelisted by Google and a blog like HighBrid Nation will probably win some diversity award. Shows how scared the media is of White Nationalism.

Anonymous said...

you people make me sick. Yeah lets believe every word of a poorly written clearly racist article as truth a condemn a talented individual for her views on her people's struggle. Clearly her words were taken out of proportion. Why is it so hard to be pro-black without being assumed to be anti-white. People like you are exactly what is wrong with this world.

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

To "anonymous":

It's funny you start your comment with "you people". If a White says that phrase to a black they go nuts.The point of my blog is that Keys is a racist, just like many other black "entertainers".

Anonymous said...

in response to another mulatto spouts anti white venom. well it sounds like you don't like mulattos. to deny that racism against blacks and other groups makes you seem that you are delusional. what proof do you have that barrack obama is racist as you mentioned earlier in your article? online websites that dedicate hatered towards blacks, jews and other minority groups exist i see them all the time. yes blacks do it as well. i dont deny it but you make it seem as if it just against caucasian people by mulattos. caucasian people dont even want to claim mulattos they use the one drop law to distance themselves as much as possble from blacks how do you explain this if you are so sensitive on race issues? i have a white grandmother whose whole family disowned me at birth for being half black yet whites cry over it when a mixed person makes a comment you dont like. ms carey isnt actually mulatto she has spanish in her mulattos and just black and white thank your your time bye ps lets move beyond the race card we are in 2010

Anonymous said...

i would like to correct a mistake in my earlier comment it was stated that alicia keys had spanish blood in her as well as miriah carey had this would not make alkicia mulatto if she has spanish blood by definition mulattos are halfblack/half white the mention of mirah carey in past comment was a mistake. thank you. i do stand by other comments though just making a correction