Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hispanic "Teacher" Sexually Assaults White Student

Unfortunately, I have to report that another young White female, this time a teenager attending Durango High School,http://www.reviewjournal.com/communitylink/schools/durango.html has been sexually assaulted by a Hispanic substitute driver's ed teacher. Here is a link to a story about this disgusting crime:http://www.lvrj.com/news/17729764.html. Obviously the identity of the girl has been withheld because she is a minor, but I was able to catch an interview with the mom of the girl. The face and name of the mom was not shown, but what was shown was her arms and hands. The arms and hands of the mom were White. No, not Asian white or Hispanic white, but Caucasian White. To me race is a factor in this case. If a White man had done to a Hispanic girl what this Hispanic savage did to this White girl you know what the response would be. The media would make a national story out of it. But, when Whites are attacked, like Channon and Christopher Newsome,http://www.amren.com/ar/2007/07/index.html the media is silent. Sexual assaults are the worst kind of crime. Men of any race that commit these types of crimes against women of any race should be put to death. Unfortunately, when the victims are White and the perpetrators are non-Whites the crime is thrown in the closet and ignored.

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