Saturday, April 12, 2008

Las Vegas-Mexican Killer Caught

A few months back I wrote a blog about a Mexican Marine that murdered a pregnant White female Marine. He's been caught in Mexico and awaits extradition back to America. If he fights the extradition it could take years before this sub-human Mexican beast is brought to justice. A lot of people might think that I'm being a little too harsh with the name calling. Well, if you were the mother or father of this girl would you think my name calling is harsh? I wrote a blog about the crime this Mexican committed and I also talk about the absurdity of having Mexicans and women, especially pregnant ones, in the Marine Corps. Scroll down to January '08 for the blog titled "Las Vegas Mexican Kills Fellow Marine, Send The Dog In". I hope this savage receives harsh justice. Here is a link to a story that talks about the capture of this Mexican animal:,2933,350834,00.html


Robert Lindsay said...

I don't think this guy is a Mexican, Howard. The surname is French and he did not speak Spanish well.

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

Thank you Robert for commenting. But Caesar is a Mexican National and a non-white beast.

Tom said...

I respect you soo much finnally someone I can talk too. how long do you think before obama is assasinated? Ill give it three months in office