Friday, January 18, 2008

Las Vegas Mexican Kills Fellow Marine, Send the "Dog" In!

It's a story that is becoming so common that it's almost impossible to keep up with them all. Yes folks, it's another "minority" on White killing. A naturalized Mexican immigrant who is also a Las Vegas resident has killed a pregnant White woman. Cesar Laurean, 21, of Guadalajara, Mexico has been accused of killing 20 year-old Maria Lauterbach. Maybe the most shocking part, they are/were both Marines! Lauterbach had also accused Laurean of raping her. Laurean has fled to Mexico and the FBI is working with Mexican officials to apprehend the man I have dubbed the "Mexican Marine".

I think we need to send "Dog" Chapman in because the FBI has a hard task ahead of itself. The Mexican government is not cooperative in cases like the one descibed above. If one recalls there was the case of Andrew Luster the "Max Factor" heir who was accused of raping hundreds of women. I would bet my measley life savings that 99% of them were White women. "Dog" went into Mexico and handled business. Of course the Mexicans arrested him, put him in jail and the American government pretty much abandoned him, but the pervert Luster was arrested and sent back to America. Recently "Dog" has been fired from his cable show due to comments he made to his son about not wanting the son's black girlfriend around the office. Apparently "Dog" and his co-workers use un-flattering words about blacks and "Dog" did'nt want any "problems" to arise if the black girlfriend was to hear these words. I guess the problem is an ungrateful son. The family of Maria Lauterbach will have to stand on the sidelines and watch the FBI "work" with the Mexican government. Mexico will not extradite fugitives back to the United States who are wanted for murder unless the American government gives assurances that they will not seek the death penalty. It's their policy. Only time will tell if justice is done in this case.

Pregnant Marines and Mexican Marines. It's good to know that America's most elite fighters are "real" warriors. I wonder what Guadalcanal Vets think about Mexican Marines and pregnant Marines? I'm sure the Muslims are shaking in their burqa's. With a military as dysfunctional as the one America has now is it any surprise we are losing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe I should'nt be too hard on the military. The Muslims are incredibly motivated. They resist those that attack them. Unlike in America where the Mexican invaders are given welfare, college scholarships and jobs. Muslims risk their lives to defeat an enemy and are considered heroes. Contrastly, in America the "Minutemen" went down to the border and were called "vigilantes" by that moron in the White House. Their crime? Calling the Border Patrol when they spotted Mexican invaders. Osama bin Laden gave up a life of luxury for a life living in caves to wage a war against his enemy. He is an Arab nationalist and in a lot of Muslim countries he gets higher approval ratings than the local or national governments. I respect that. Contrastly, here in America anyone taking a "Pro-White" stance is labeled a racist, bigot or a hater.

As a White Nationalist I say this: Islam is the enemy of our Race and People. They brought the fight to us in the 7th century in our homeland of Europe. We united as a people and drove these Islamic savages out of Europe. The Muslim invaders are back. We need to unite again as a people to drive the Muslim invaders from our ancestral homeland. Our People are under attack every day in Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia (screw Zimbabwe) and the United States of America. We face extermination on a daily basis. White Race arise and regain the pride of our ancestors. Regain the bravery of men like Charles Martel and William Wallace. In a way we can use bin Laden as motivation. If he can give up billions can't we sacrifice a little? We must be willing to sacrifice for OUR people. Did William Wallace and Charles Martel embrace diversity? Did the founders of this country embrace diversity? We know the answers are NO! Share the message of White Nationalism with your fellow European-Americans. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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