Friday, January 11, 2008

Do Whites Still Have Morals?

This weekend in Las Vegas there is a pornography convention at the Sands Expo Center. Everywhere one looks you see advertisements for this and even the DJ's on the radio are exited about the convention. It begs the question if the "average" White has any morals? I think the answer is yes, but we are the silent majority. It sad to see so many attractive White women throwing their lives away and it's sad to see so many White men wasting their hard-earned money on this filth.

There is also a porno awards show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Yes, a porno awards show! It's hard to believe, but it is the truth. I guess as a defender of "freedom of speech" I have to say that these people have a right to their awards show, but I think racially aware/racially conscious White Americans have a right to be disgusted. This type of trash is another reason why we need our own country with our own set of laws and borders. How much longer will Whites put up with the moral decay of our country? When will we fight for freedom? There is a country song that asks the question,"Where have all the cowboys gone"? The question that REALLY needs to be asked is: Where have all the racially proud White Men gone!?

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