Friday, January 25, 2008

Censored at American Renaissance and......Hal Turner Alienates Supporters!

UPDATE 1-31-08: Hal Turner has displaced the rumor that he was working for the FBI. I never doubted Hal, I just wanted to know why he had said, "no comment" when asked if he was rescending from his "Pro-White" stance.

First Google and now American Renaissance have censored me. When I post new blogs Google will not post them on their "blogger" homepage. Google why are you being so mean to me? Now, American Renaissance is being mean to me. Yesterday I tried to post a comment about legitimate criticism of Jews. It was not a Neo-Nazi rant, but an intelligent and thoughtful post recommending fellow posters to read books by Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald, a psychology professor at Long Beach St., has done excellent research in the fields of anti-Semetism and why such various groups have disliked Jews so much. I wrote this comment because a poster had asked the old question, "why do people dislike Jews so much"? The idea that there might be good reasons not to like Jews never crossed this man's mind. Why is it okay for blacks, Hispanics, Asians and even Whites to be criticized at American Renaissance, but not Jews? I don't pretend to know the answer, but I feel it's a legitimate question. But, then again I'm just an "extremist" spewing my "racist hatred" for non-whites safely behind a keyboard. Why would anyone pay me any attention?

What a seg-way into my next topic, Hal Turner, and why he is ignoring people that supported him. Every Wednesday night Hal would talk about issues that affect "straight White people". His show was great combining humor with White Nationalist news and Hal's own brand of commentary. Hal went to a subscription service and then suddenly pulled the plug. Mark Potok at the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote an article accusing the FBI of working with Hal Turner. Potok claimed Hal was an informant for the FBI. Potok was angry that the FBI would allow a "racist" to spread his message in hopes that they could arrest potential White Nationalist terrorists. I have tried calling Hal and e-mailing him to see if these accusations were true, but he will not respond. Yesterday on Hal's website he had a link to an interview he did a couple of days ago where he was asked the question if he would denounce his White Nationalist views and he answered with a "no comment". In the past Hal has required a "Pro-White" message for him to broadcast a show using his server. He has said now that a "Pro-White" message is no longer required. Hal what's going on?

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