Thursday, March 20, 2008

Incredible Disappearing Hate Crimes

I admit, I stole the title from Pat Buchanan for this post, but it perfectly describes the hate crime committed here in Las Vegas last month against Christopher Privett. Christopher was a freshman student at Palo Verde High School and a center on the football team. He was gunned down while walking home from school by 2 black gangster savages by the name of Gerald Davison and Ezekiel Williams. This was a blatant hate crime. Williams and Davison traveled to an exclusively White neighborhood of Summerlin and shot and killed, in cold blood, Christopher Privett. Of course this was big news for about a week and this violent anti-White crime even sparked a television special talking about school violence with Clark County School District high school students moderated by a local TV news anchor. The special showed a bunch of White kids talking about how they "knew kids with guns". Right, all those violent White gang-bangers throwing up gang signs and doing drive-bys. At least the bozo's that run this town can admit we have a youth gang problem, but they will never admit the problem exists because Hispanics and blacks are a increasing percentage of our county.

Christopher Privett, though, has become another statistic. The media has forgotten the crime and the pain of his mother and has moved on to other stories. "American Idol" and other "reality TV" shows get big attention here as they do in other big US cities. For those of us that follow White Nationalist news this is nothing new. When Whites are slaughtered the media could care less. This disturbing trend exists because White men have allowed themselves to be neutered. When will we stand up to the assault against our Race and people? One has only to look at the interracial crime stats to know what I say is the truth. The "New Century Foundation" published the "Color of Crime" which is an expose of crime stats by race. The link is provided here: Why do Whites put up with the violent behavior of blacks and Hispanics? Are we destined to be a country where Whites are the minority and constantly preyed upon?

The recent slaughter of two White college females by blacks are hardly a surprise and show that maybe the future of America is a brutal world where Whites are savagely assaulted for no other reason that they are White and no doubt "racist". Here are links to the stories of these 2 White women that were murdered by black gangster savages:
These types of brutal murders happen on a regular basis, but White America used to be outraged by this stuff. Today most Whites just shrug their shoulders and go about their business. This is not the reaction of a people that want to survive and prosper. I do not have the exact numbers, but I am willing to bet my life savings that back in the 1950's blacks murdered a lot less Whites than in today's society. Why is that? Back in the day blacks (Whites too) knew that if they committed a crime against a White that they would be punished severely. Many blacks and Whites were hanged by lynch mobs. Many would say that vigilante justice is a miscarriage of justice. I beg to differ. The common man used to have a sense of justice. No more. It's too easy to sit back and enjoy a beer or a cocktail instead of fighting. Diversity and multi-culturalism had nothing to do with the founding of America. In fact, they are the reason why the murders of innocent Whites happen on a daily basis. There is no question about that. As Pat Buchanan said in his new book, "Day of Reckoning": The real question is whether America can survive after embracing diversity and multiculturalism?


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out that the shooting of Chris Privett wasn't a hate crime against a white male. He was walking with three other friends of varying race, his best friend black. He was one of four victims targeted, and unfortunately this wonderful kid got hit and the others were able to avoid the shots. It had nothing to do with a hate crime. Just a tragic lack in judgement for the car of people to take offense at the gestures of a bunch of innocent teenagers walking down the street from school.

Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

"Tragic Lack in Judgement". Your quote. So when a White kid gets gunned down by two black gangster savages it's not a hate crime it's a "tragic lack of judgement". Was the murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome a "tragic lack in judgement". I suppose as they were being mutilated that the 5 black savages that raped them over a course of 2 days were suffering from "tragic lack of judgement". Let me ask you "anonymous", if the races were reversed would you feel that race had nothing to do with it. I doubt it. Because in your world only Whites can be racist.