Thursday, March 13, 2008


I just finished reading Pat Buchanan's latest book "Day of Reckoning" and was again reminded of Mr. Buchanan's pro-White-Christian beliefs. In the chapter titled "Deconstructing America" Mr. Buchanan writes, in regards to the cultural revolution America has experienced over the past 40 years, "This was a revolution. And it is far along towards creating a society devout Christians feel obligated to resist". I agree, but this statement should have read, a society "devout WHITE Christians feel obligated to resist". Is America a hostile nation to White Christians? OF COURSE! Since the 1964 "Civil Rights Act" criminalized Whites from protecting the racial integrity of their communities and workplaces America has become a Hostile Nation. How could Whites in the 1960's stand by and let our White-Christian Nation be destroyed? What were they thinking?

The hostility towards Whites of the Satanic States of America (USA) grows daily. Just the other day 2 White females, one attending North Carolina University and the other Auburn University, were slaughtered by black gangster savages. Here are the links to the stories: Lauren Burk and Eve Marie Carson were violently murdered and in 1 case there was an "attempted rape". What the hell is an "attempted rape" anyways? I guess this is just more evidence blacks are low IQ people (politically-correct word for stupid) when they are incapable of rape, which is something they are usually good at. Look at the rape stats for South Africa and The Satanic States of America (USA) if you do not believe me. Many have no sympathy for Eve Marie Carson, who was the student body President of North Carolina University, because she was a leftist and spent time in Africa helping the starving and diseased infested blacks that inhabit that "dark" continent. Is it not ironic that the people she so desperately wanted to help ended up slaughtering her?! White parents need to teach their children the dangers they face in our society from all races, but especially blacks and Hispanics who have a violent hatred for Whites and are far more likely to commit a violent crime against us than our own race.

Of course the main-stream media will ignore these crimes because they do not want White females to be afraid of black males, who routinely kill them, because that would not fit their politically-correct agenda. It's funny how the White liberals and so-called White conservatives preach race-mixing propaganda, but seem to always marry Whites. If they were so "committed to diversity" wouldn't they marry and breed with these beautiful black and Mexican people? The media is controlled by cowardly Whites who take orders from their Zionist puppet masters and are incapable of thinking intelligently about race. When they talk about race it is to blame Whites for the problems of blacks and Hispanics. But despite the media and government juggernaut White Nationalists have continued to fight and spread a Pro-White message for our country. Despite the FBI and Secret Service harassing us, arresting us and killing us and our families we have fought on and will continue to do so. As the economy continues to collapse more and more Whites are waking up to the war that has been waged against our people on a daily basis for about 40 years now. The "Day of Reckoning" for the media and politicians are coming soon and it's not going to be pleasant for these traitorous scumbags.

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