Thursday, December 27, 2007

Put 'um Down!....Observations from Las Vegas

Driving up and down the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.) one becomes aware of a disgusting trend especially late at night/early morning. The trend is White women being harassed by men, especially by black men. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department needs to be made aware of our concern. There phone number is (702)828-3394 and (702)828-3111.

I also notice many young White prostitutes on the Strip. It is disgusting that White women are selling themselves for sex. Maybe if there were more well paying jobs for White Americans we would not see so many White females degrading themselves. Of course, some are just lazy and having sex for money is a quick and easy way to make a living. But I think that many are good girls that have been brainwashed into believing that they are only good for sex objects. Look at the White women you see on TV today. They are not role models, but sluts. That simple! Brittany Spears and Anna Nicole Smith come to mind. That fact that so many young White females idolize these women is a testament to the fact that liberalism and feminism is a failure. One girl I talked to said that she was recently divorced and needed to make some quick money because the bills were piling up. Why would a man not treat this woman with love and respect, but divorce her? In my opinion we are all partially to blame for the problem of prostitution because we allow our daughters and sisters to watch the garbage on TV and don't educate them to be proud of their ancestors and their culture. I also blame the United States government because they have outsourced so many of our jobs that many White Americans are doing corrupt things to make a living. Just another reason to "Put 'um down" by any means necessary!

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