Friday, December 21, 2007

Support Turner and Taylor!

Jared Taylor and Hal Turner are both very important leaders in the Pro-White/race realist movement. Both have been on CNN and have done their best to further the cause of Whites whether it's holding rallies or conferences that discuss the problems facing Whites and the culture our ancestors created. A lot of Amren supporters would knock Hal Turner as a "kook" but this is simply not true. In every movement it is necessary to have people going around talking to the every day citizen trying to convince them that their philosophy is right,that man is Jared Taylor. At the same time you have to have those willing to get out in the streets fighting injustices and that is where Hal Turner comes in. Recently Turner has moved his website into a subscriber only mode to weed out those individuals that are mooching off of the hard work of others. Those that are not committed to White Nationalism or even committed to being decent Whites can't access the site for free anymore. The rallies for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome in Knoxville were attended by Turner and he delivered a fiery and emotional speech denouncing the black thugs that savagely murdered the White couple. In August Mr. Turner held a rally in Kalamazoo, Michigan after finding out that there had been several attacks on White men by gangs of black men in that city. Nothing surprising to those familiar with the FBI and Dept. of Justice crime stats on interracial crime. The Kalamazoo rally was, according to Turner , a disappointment with fewer than 100 protesters showing up. Taylor, conversely, will host a conference in February of 2008 in Virginia where he expects about 300 attendees. This of course is not a rally, but a conference that will have speakers with Doctorate degrees and who have published books in the areas of race, politics and IQ. Both men deserve our respect and admiration for their activism.

The real question is why are there not more people attending these events? I know that there are probably a hundred thousand people in this country that visit Pro-White websites on a daily or weekly basis who are fighting mad about what is going on in our country. They are mad about black on White crime, anti-social minority behavior, paying billions out in welfare, affirmative action and the illegal immigration problem has even liberals mad. We need to stop with the excuses and support White Nationalism any way we can. Hopefully these two brave men continue to lead because without them we would be lost. I am not sure a majority of Whites in this country are even aware of the danger we are in, but Jared Taylor and Hal Turner can't be blamed for not giving them the information.

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