Friday, December 5, 2008

MMA Notes

It's been a while since I posted a blog and in that time Brock Lesnar has become the new UFC heavyweight champion by defeating Randy Couture by knockout at UFC 91 on November 15. Lesnar who is just 3-1 in MMA was noticeably nervous as he entered the Octogan. Contrastly, Couture was in familiar territory and looked as if he was taking a walk in the park as he entered the cage. Couture came out strong utilizing the clinch to press Lesnar against the cage, but he was unable to take the 275 pound former NCAA wrestling champion down. Lesnar was able to get Couture down and pass into half-guard before Couture stood back up. At one point in the first round Couture took Lesnar's back before Lesnar grabbed his leg and whipped him down landing in Couture's guard.

The end came quickly and violently in the second round when Lesnar landed a big right hand dropping Couture and finished him with about 25 hammerfists on the ground before the ref mercifully halted the fight. Lesnar looked very impressive defeating Randy Couture. Considering he is so new to the game his victory was amazing. His wrestling skills was the difference as Couture was simply unable to take down the massive Lesnar. Lesnar will face the winner of Mir and Noguiera. A rematch with Mir would be an attractive fight. Mir submitted Lesnar in his UFC debut last year. My guess is that the rematch would end differently.

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