Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holocaust "Survivor" Scammed Out Of Millions By Fellow Jew

The greatest present I could have recieved this Christmas I got when I heard news that Elie Wiesel and his holocaust group were decieved out of millions by fellow Jew Bernie Madoff. Madoff is the man that recently stole millions if not billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. The media has been stressing that Madoff stole from fellow Jews and not Gentiles and even going so far as to blame "institutional" Anglo-Saxon racism against Jews in Palm Beach County, Florida as the reason why Jews were so easily deceived.

The deceived Jews, according to the MSM, wanted to live the good life and had to make a lot of money because the evil Anglo-Saxons would not let them into their coutry clubs because of their religion. Again, we see the MSM blaming whitey for everything!

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