Tuesday, May 13, 2008

White Las Vegas Stripper Dead

A 21 year-old Las Vegas girl who has been missing since 2005 has been found. Well, actually just her legs were found 1600 miles away in Illinois. This girl had a black boyfriend at the time of her death and worked as a stripper for 3 different businesses. As far as I am concerned White girls who would bed themselves with Negroes and strip for a living deserve what they get. I have no sympathy for this girl. Just like I had no sympathy for Nicole Brown Simpson when she was murdered by O.J. Simpson. Miscegenation was illegal in the United States until 1970 and it still should be outlawed. And any White girl that would become a stripper is a disgrace to our race and should be shunned by society. When one defies nature there is a steep price to pay. This White slut paid with her life!


Anonymous said...


What's worse is that the media is promoting the hip hop lifestyle by showing ads featuring white girls as young as four dressed as tarts- in-training for lecherous black boys/men.

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That's disgusting!


Howard (Las Vegas,Nevada) said...

Jen, I read the article by Malkin. The thing that she won't touch is that different races see sex differently. A lot of blacks do not understand the concept of rape. A lot of blacks do not think that their is anything wrong with sexualizing kids. I have read studies that show blacks lose their virginity at a much younger age than Whites and Asians. The study I read said that blacks first have sex, on average, at age 12 while Asians have sex for the first time, on average, at the age of 18. Whites were in the middle. Simply put, blacks are a sexually aggressive race of people. But, I must admit that Whites are giving them a run for their money. One writer wrote that Whites are being "re-Africanized" as far as sex goes.