Thursday, May 1, 2008

5th of May (Cinco de Mayo)

What is "Cinco de Mayo"? On May 5th, 1862 5,000 Mexican mestizo's defeated a French army in Puebla, Mexico. France, along with Spain and England, had attacked Mexico, in clear defiance of the "Monroe Doctrine" to collect on debts. The Mexicans quickly settled their debts with England and Spain so they left. France and Napolean III had different ideas. Eventually the French were defeated and Napolean III faced a Mexican firing squad. But, Cinco de Mayo was the start of the end for the French. Imperialism simple doesn't work. The French have learned this the hard way. Mexico, Algeria and Vietnam (French-Indo China) did not go that great for France. Quebec is still French. But, that is because the people there are White and French! Here is a link to a more detailed account of the 5th of May:

My point is not to rumble on about the French, whom I like by the way, but to give a little background as to this "Cinco de Mayo" nonsense and to ask the question as to why White Americans celebrate this holiday? The past few weeks I have heard advertisements on the rock stations here in Las Vegas for Cinco de Mayo parties. 99% of the listeners of these stations are White, yet they want us to celebrate a mestizo holiday. I guess it's just another excuse for Whites to get drunk, but the more we talk about and "celebrate" these Mexican holidays the more our country sinks into a maelstrom of inferiority. Mexicans are a 3rd world people and when a 3rd world people migrate to a 1st world nation they destroy it. Just look at Europe if you don't believe me.

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