Thursday, August 6, 2009

Penn Joins Mir As Biggest Sore Losers

Hawaiian UFC Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn has savagely assaulted one of our fighters. George St. Pierre, who is the consensus number 1 fighter in the world was accused of using steroids by BJ Penn. Penn can offer no evidence, but it's "his opinion that GSP is on steroids". It's sad that when a White fighter like GSP rises to the top with hard work and dedication he is attacked in such a vicious way. But Penn is probably still hurting from the pounding GSP gave him in January. Penn joins his bitter buddy Frank Mir as the two biggest sore losers in MMA. Penn better get over GSP and get ready for his fight this Saturday in Philadelphia as he takes on Kenny Florian.

UFC 101 Predictions:
Silva by ko/tko in round 2 over Griffin
Florian by decision over Penn

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