Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Mexican (Mestizo) Accomplishments

With Cinco De Mayo just a few days away I felt it was a good time to write about the latest accomplishment of the mestizo nation of Mexico. "Swine Flu"! Yes folks, the brown-skinned people of Mexico have brought to North America a new disease which is apparently a combination of four different flu strains. One has to wonder how the open-borders crowd will try to spin this one, but apparently they still do not believe that our southern border with Mexico should be closed. I guess "Swine Flu" is a great gift of diversity that us lucky White people should be so thankful for. Us Whites were chocking to death on our own homogeneity before the brown-skinned menace appeared in our Nation (what's left of it). According to Hal Turner of the Turner Radio Network the death toll in Mexico is over 1,000.

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