Sunday, February 8, 2009

Penn Is A Sore Loser

B.J. Penn will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest fighters ever, but he is a sore loser. Recently Penn went up in weight class to fight Georges St. Pierre at 170 pounds and was thoroughly whooped(see posting below). Instead of being gracious in defeat he blamed St. Pierre's cornerman, who has been accused of applying vaseline to St. Pierre's back and shoulders, for his loss. St. Pierre's cornerman applied vaseline to GSP's face, which is legal, and then proceeded to rub GSP's shoulders and back as a kind of relaxation exercise in between rounds. The miniscule amount of vaseline was then rubbed off of GSP with a towel after Nevada officials noticed the error. Penn has been quoted as saying that the vaseline prevented him from applying submissions on St. Pierre. Fans of B.J. Penn, some of which are widely recognized writers and bloggers on MMA, have been all too eager to run with the story. Steve Cofield and Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports! have turned a non-story into a huge internet debate.

GSP has challenged Penn to a 3rd fight this summer and Penn has accepted. We will have to wait to see if UFC officials are eager for a third meeting between these two fighters. Considering how good the pay-per-view numbers were for their second fight(UFC 94) Dana White might be licking his chops for a re-re-match.

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