Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are Jews Above The Law?

The Israeli Defense Forces invaded Gaza yesterday shortly after nightfall. Gaza is a small strip of land Israel seized in the 1960's. Fox News, the largest Zionist media organization in the world, is making Israel out to be the victim and CNN is not really taking sides. I guess when two protected non-white groups are killing each other you try and stay neutral. I really don't care if Muslims and Jews kill each other I just think it's interesting how the media is reacting to it.

But, if I had to take a side I would probably side with the Palestinians. Atleast some of them are Christians. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Muslims, but they are not the ones that are making anti-white hate films in Hollywood. Muslims are not the ones that are producing pornography. Muslims are not the ones attacking Christmas. Jews are responsible for all of the above. Jews and thier anti-white liberal friends. The Jewish professors have done a good job of teaching White college students to hate whitey. I guess that is why so many of them supported Obama.

Who wins this little fight for Gaza is anyones guess. But, before it's over I'm sure someone will blame whitey for the fighting. A larger question remains though. If Palestinians can stand up to Israel and Jews why can't Whites? We have much more resources to fight them with than do the Palestinians. The Palestinians show what a little courage and a will to fight can acheive.

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